This page is written for people who would like to travel to or from western Massachusetts on the Vermonter. Service north of New Haven is currently expected to resume on Wed. July 1, Tickets are available for travel on and after this date.

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The Vermonter is a passenger train operated by Amtrak between St. Albans, Vermont , and Washington, D. Amtrak receives funding from the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont for Vermonter operations north of New Haven.

During fiscal year , the Vermonter carried 97, passengers not including riders between New Haven and Washington, D. Another train, the Ambassador ran the same route during the daytime , but terminated in New York City. Amtrak took over the train in , and continued operating it until excepting a brief suspension from to Business Class was added to replace the sleeping cars that were taken out of service upon the change to the Vermonter.

The route was changed to allow travelers from Vermont to again stop in Springfield and Hartford. This was made possible by the use of cab cars or locomotives on both ends so that the train could travel east from Springfield to Palmer, Massachusetts , and reverse direction to continue north on the Central Vermont.

This detour added an hour of running time, but at the time was judged more practical than seeking to use the direct route over the former Boston and Maine Railroad owned by the Guilford Rail System.

The train travels from Washington to New Haven on the Northeast Corridor , where electric locomotives are substituted for the diesel locomotives used north of that location. Vermont declined to pay for continuing the Vermonter to Montreal due to high labor and terminal costs in Montreal. For a time Amtrak offered passengers a connecting Thruway bus service, operated by Vermont Transit , which met the train at St. Albans for connections to and from Montreal. The schedule was returned to its previous position, but the service was dropped by Vermont Transit which had been running it without a subsidy as part of its regular schedule on October 30, On October 30, , the Vermonter began stopping at the towns of Wallingford and Windsor Locks near Bradley International Airport in Connecticut for the first time in its existence.

On October 5, , the Federal Railroad Administration announced the completion of track work within the states of Vermont and New Hampshire for the above-mentioned stimulus plan. The track work included installation of continuous welded rail , road-crossing improvements, ballast replacement, tie replacement, bridge repair and renovation, and embankment improvements.

On October 5, , the southbound Vermonter derailed in Northfield, Vermont , after striking a rock slide. Five cars and the engine derailed; the engine and an empty car slid down an embankment.

Five passengers and two crew members were injured, one seriously. Starting June 9, , the Vermonter no longer serves the Berlin and Wallingford stations in Connecticut.

These locations are served by other Amtrak trains and by the new Hartford Line commuter rail service. Due to the deteriorating condition of the tracks in that section, Amtrak ceased service of the train. When the Vermonter service restored train service between Springfield's Union Station , Brattleboro and points north in , the Vermonter traveled a somewhat indirect route east to Palmer, Massachusetts , and then up the east side of the Connecticut River via Amherst, Massachusetts.

During rehabilitation of the Connecticut River Line, Vermonter service was restored to it on December 29, With the re-route, the train ceased stopping at Amherst but a stop was restored to Northampton and, for the first time for Amtrak, a stop at Greenfield was added. The re-route and consequent elimination of the backup move is expected to eliminate about 25 minutes of travel time between Springfield and Brattleboro when the line rehabilitation is complete sometime in In January , the number of Vermonter riders using the two new stations in Northampton and Greenfield was up 84 percent compared to the equivalent station in Amherst the previous year.

Efforts have been underway for many years to extend the Vermonter to Montreal. Albans and the Canada—US border. The agreement would allow for the establishment of a preclearance customs and immigration facility within Central Station in Montreal that could be used by the Vermonter and Amtrak's Adirondack train.

Before the Vermonter can be extended to Montreal the Congress must pass enabling legislation for the preclearance agreement and the Parliament of Canada must ratify the agreement.

Construction of a preclearance facility in Central Station is expected to take about three years; one year for planning and permitting and two years for construction.

Construction of the preclearance facility is not expected to start until after the preclearance agreement has been approved by both governments. From Northfield to St. Weekend trains have an additional stop at Metropark station in Iselin, New Jersey.

Unlike most long- and medium-haul trains operating along the Northeast Corridor, the Vermonter allows local travel between Washington and New York in both directions. Electrification ends at New Haven, where the ACS and the first Amfleet coach are taken off the train and swapped for a GE Genesis diesel locomotive for the remainder of the trip. During winter periods the cab-car would be swapped for an Amfleet coach, and a locomotive would be on either end.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Amtrak passenger train in the northeast United States. The Vermonter at Brattleboro, Vermont , in March Quebec Vermont Canada — US border. VT MA. Palmer reverse move. MA CT. CT NY. NY NJ. NJ PA. PA DE. DE MD. MD DC. This diagram: view talk edit. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Montrealer train.

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Amtrak Vermonter

Albans Amtrak has 30 stations departing from Union Station and ending in St. Albans Amtrak. Operating days this week: everyday. View on Map. When does the Vermonter Train come? Click here for live arrival times and to see the full schedule for Vermonter Train that is closest to your location. For Amtrak train service alerts, please check the Moovit App.


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The Vermonter Amtrak train travels daily between Washington D. Albans, Vermont. Ideal for nature lovers and business commuters, the Vermonter stops near hiking, skiing and cycling destinations as well as at quaint cities and bustling urban centers. Online reviews of the Vermonter are mostly positive and riders generally enjoy this route. Top tips and takeaways:. Skip to content Vermonter. Home Routes Vermonter.

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