In the new edition of the catalogue CISA in digital format, includes the update of his wide range of products in format Presto, a standard of traspaso of digital information between the manufacturer of products of the construction and the proyectistas of works, compatible with similar software through the standard FIEBDC. No se admiten comentarios insultantes, racistas o contrarios a las leyes vigentes. Finalidades: Gestionar el contacto con Ud. Cinta autoadhesiva. Bisagras para palets.

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Silca is a leader because we do things first. The modern key catalogues were born thanks to Silica. Silca was the first to provide an easy to consult and precise tool for facilitating works in key copying centres and for specialists: it was finally possible to rapidly and safely identify the correct duplicate, without any margins of error from a wide range of selections. Since then, every Silca catalogue has been a rational and complete tool: keys are reproduced in their true size and ordered alphabetically according to the lock brand name.

It is sufficient to place the original over the reproduction to identify the correct duplicate key. The simplest ideas are the most innovative and longlasting.

In fact, still today, the Silca Catalogue is a standard and point of reference for the entire sector. This new catalogue not only proposes all updated references, but also a new product philosophy that, thanks to the most innovative materials, is certain to greatly improve quality of service, also for less common references, but still present in the Silca range of products.

Contact your Silca Distributor or Silca Customer Service: we are at your complete disposition to provide more detailed information about news and items that you may be interested in.

I moderni cataloghi per chiavi sono nati grazie a Silca. Basta sovrapporre la chiave originale per individuare il duplicato cercato. Copyright by Silca S. This Catalogue updates and completes information relative to all flat keys for cylinder locks, cruciform keys, lift and mailbox keys produced by Silca.

If you would like to keep your catalogues always updated, go to visit www. Questo catalogo aggiorna e completa le informazioni relative a tutte le chiavi piatte per serrature a cilindro, chiavi a croce, per ascensori e casellari postali prodotte da Silca.

Se desiderate mantenere sempre aggiornati i vostri cataloghi, collegatevi al sito www. Silca also makes its electronic key catalogue available to you, which contains all of our paper catalogues. We will update you in real time with all the news, also by smart phone. The Silca electronic catalogue is the ideal assistant for all office activities, the management of stock references, automatic creation of orders, printing packing lists and much more.

Silca mette a vostra disposizione il catalogo elettronico che contiene tutti i cataloghi cartacei. Per scaricarli basta un click. Para descargarlos es suficiente un clic. A fianco di ogni chiave sono specificate alcune caratteristiche tecniche e varianti disponibili. Codice testa per Head-shape code facilitare la scelta di adjacent to each key for easy identification of conii personalizzati customized coining dies.

Silca Serial Number per riproduzione a codice su duplicatrici elettroniche Silca per chiavi punzonate e laser. Keys are drawn to a scale Identification of a key may be made by laying the sample on the drawing, paying particular attention to the blade and to the profile. Alternative head shapes are indicated by images around the standard head.

I disegni delle chiavi sono in scala I profili sezione della canna sono visti dalla testa. Per la ricerca basta sovrapporre la chiave campione al disegno esaminando particolarmente la canna gambo e la sezione profilo. Teste originali diverse sono rappresentate con linea tratteggiata. Para uma pesquisa eficiente, basta sobrepor a chave original por cima do desenho e examinar atentamente a cana da chave e o perfil.

Use page XI Utilizzo pag. Refer to main brand on page indicated in brackets Look back keyblanks under other brands on pages indicated in brackets. The result of a creative combination of materials and colours, Ultralite keys are made in a super light, extremely resistant titanium, and are used for the construction of airplanes and spacecraft.

Ultralite keys are available in 7 vibrant colours: red, green, blue, yellow, black, light blue and purple. Risultato di una creativa combinazione di materiali e colori, le chiavi Ultralite sono prodotte in una lega al titanio leggerissima ed estremamente resistente, tanto da venire utilizzata per la costruzione di aerei e navette aerospaziali.

Dear Customer, We would like to remind you that due to the almost totality of items without plastic heads included in this catalogue, an Ultralite finish may be requested, which if not already existing has availability marked by the symbol U next to each key item. Ultralite est disponible en 7 couleurs vives: rouge, vert, bleu, jaune, noir, bleu clair et violet.

With Silky, colour takes on a new shape. Five colours and a special material for a new interpretation in glossy keys of the most common items. Colour becomes an integral part of the key without modifying its depth.

New, dazzling, resistant: this is Silky, the latest from Silca. Customize Silky with your information! Silky: Silca quality in colour.

Con Silky il colore prende nuova forma. Il colore diventa parte integrante della chiave senza modificarne lo spessore. Nuova, smagliante, resistente: ecco Silky, ultima nata in casa Silca. Personalizzate Silky con i vostri dati! Avec Silky, la couleur prend une nouvelle forme. Personnalisez Silky avec votre nom!

Con Silky, el color toma una nueva forma. El color se convierte en parte integrante de la llave sin modificar su espesor.

Silky: la calidad Silca se colorea. Com Silky a cor assume uma nova forma. A cor torna-se parte integrante da chave sem alterar a sua espessura. Nova, brilhante, resistente: eis a Silky, a mais recente produzida pela Silca. Personalize a Silky com os seus dados! Silky: a qualidade Silca fica colorida. Choose the pure energy of colour! Slim Colour is a brand new Silca item for your colored keys. Five fluorescent varieties that permit immediate identification of keys for different uses without having to significantly change their depths.

Cinque varianti fluorescenti che consentono di identificare immediatamente chiavi destinate a utilizzi diversi e senza modificarne in modo rilevante lo spessore. Slim Color es la nueva propuesta Silca para sus llaves de color. Cinco colores fluorescentes que permiten identificar de inmediato las llaves destinadas a usos diferentes sin modificar demasiado su espesor.

Escolha a energia pura da cor! Cinco variantes fluorescentes que permitem identificar imediatamente as chaves para diferentes usos e sem alterar a sua espessura. New subjects, more fun. There are hundreds of different designs to choose from, in addition to the possibility to request exclusive subjects not in the catalogue: customize your keys using your own ideas!

To better make your selection from the Silca range of products, request a specific catalogue. You will recognize your keys immediately and you will also make yourself noticed! Silca also offers you the exclusive opportunity to customize your keys with subjects selected by you that are not present in this catalogue, or to create a customized colored key that also contains your information, such as name, shop address, telephone number or other information, and your favourite graphic subject.

Request more information and a dedicated catalogue from Silca or your Distributor! Riconoscete subito le vostre chiavi e fatevi riconoscere! Richiedete a Silca o al vostro Distributore di fiducia maggiori informazioni e il catalogo dedicato!

Hunderte von verschiedenen Motiven zur Auswahl. Eight subjects, eight moments of tenderness, actually double tenderness, thanks to the coordinated key holders. Open the door to the charming world of animals! Hundreds of different themes to choose from, in addition to the possibility to request exclusive subjects not listed in the catalogue to customize your keys.

Unique, exclusive, luminous. Many available subjects. Otto soggetti, otto occasioni di tenerezza, anzi di doppia tenerezza, grazie ai portachiavi coordinati.

Treten Sie ein in die faszinierende Welt der exotischen Tiere! Unica, esclusiva, luminosa. Numerosi soggetti disponibili. Einzigartig, exklusiv, strahlend. Zahlreiche attraktive Motive. Huit sujets graphiques, huit occasions de tendresse que les petits et les plus grands adoreront. Unique, exclusive, lumineuse. De nombreux sujets disponibles. Ochos temas y ocho oportunidades de ternura o, mejor dicho, de doble ternura gracias a los llaveros que hacen juego.

Numerosos temas disponibles. Abra a porta ao fascinante mundo dos animais! Silca keys can be customized based on your selections in numerous ways: with an image of your city, with your name or trademark, with an address or telephone number of your business to remind your Customers where they can always count on impeccable keys.

SX Patented key, please contact Silca for information. Chiave brevettata, rivolgersi a Silca per informazioni. Llave patentada, contactar Silca para informaciones. AA AB


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