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See Featured Authors Answering Questions. To ask other readers questions about Versetele Satanice , please sign up. Answered Questions 6. He deserved what happened to him after he finished the book right? Rini No. He did not deserve to have his life threatened for writing a book, ffs.

Darran Summerfield Getting angry at a work of fiction says more about the reader than it does about the fiction. Hey fellow readers, does anyone know of a 'Cliffsnotes' version of this book? Just getting though some classics. I am having a bit of trouble understanding the dream sequences and the names are difficult for an American guy I m listening to it on audio. Any suggestions! It lists and describes characters, explains some …more There's an extended essay, really a book, by Paul Brians, a professor at Washington State University.

It lists and describes characters, explains some historical references, and mentions connections between the several interwoven plots. This should be just about what you want.

None the less, some parts of the novel, esp. You should be able to search for Brians's piece online. My book club wants to read one book by Salmon Rushdie. Which do you recommend? We are considering Midnight's Children, but also know Satanic Verses caused such a stir when it was published.

Cameron I have read several Rushdie to date, but have purposefully stayed away from these two until now - I just started SV. It was suggested to get a feel …more I have read several Rushdie to date, but have purposefully stayed away from these two until now - I just started SV. It was suggested to get a feel for Rushdie first and then go into the couple of books that "made him what he is known as today".

If your club is more prone to enjoy short stories, his book of stories "East, West" was excellent. If you are not adverse to reading a book technically for kids, "Haroun and the sea of stories" was amazing. Load 1 more question. Unanswered Questions 5. Please help! This book is banned in Pakistan. How can it be delivered to me here, in this part of the world. Airport Custom authorities are not letting this book to pass through the airport.

It gets detained before arriving at my desired address. Is there anyone kind and intelligent enough to send this masterpiece to my address? I have read this book for an independent research project, and I would be interested in a discussion of the themes and ideas contained in the book.

If anyone who has read the book as well, and enjoyed it or not and wants to express their ideas, I would be happy to discuss with them. One thing I find the most interesting about this book is the point of view that the author writes from, the "I" perspective. I think it's not worth responding to this book is better to throw the book in the trash can be the best? Ask and answer questions about books! Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

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