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Quick Links. Download this manual. Instructions en. Para Nombre, Domicilio y Telefono. Table of Contents. Actron professional enhanced scan tool user's manual pages. Page Your Actron Code Scanner is made by Actron, the largest and most 2 Code Scanner Basics: When do trusted name in automotive diagnostic you use it and what does it do? Do not inhale exhaust gases — they are very poisonous!

Page 5 Trouble codes indicate used these tests for years. Now you can problems found by the computer. Either a regular or alkaline position. The Code Scanner has an automatic battery shut- off when not in use. Page 11 1 Safety First! This happens often. Verify good battery in Code Scanner Section 2.

Codes indicate problems found by the computer. Refer to Test Results Chart. Page 17 4 Start the Engine. Temperature ECT sensor — failure in coil 3 primary signal voltage: out of range circuit. Transaxle problem — Fan HEDF — circuit failure. Page 28 Ignition system distributor- Ignition system Thermactor Air System less problem — Coil 2 distributorless problem — problem — air flow not primary side circuit failure.

Coil 4 primary side circuit bypassed vented to failure. Ignition system distributor- less problem — Engine Off Self-Test. Transmission problem — mechanical failure in first gear and reverse. Transmission problem — This is helpful for checking Key to ON voltages, relay operation, etc.

Otherwise, the Speed Control Solenoids will energize the first time the throttle is depressed SFI engines.

Where the injectors are fired individually in the same sequence as the spark plug firing sequence. Test within 2 minutes after the last code results will be different for a good, is sent.

Go to Step 9. Page 38 ACT Follow all safety rules. This often system. Page 40 recently? Sometimes things get not wipe off! Obtain extra grease, if reconnected in the wrong place, or needed, from your vehicle dealer.

It is not at all. Vehicle Self-Test Connector. Not used in systems Remove PCV valve from breather cap on valve cover. Page 42 4. There is a tee with a restrictor in the Thermactor Vacuum control line. The restrictor must be uncapped during the test.

Replace the cap after testing. Refer to drawing for location of restrictor on the TAD vacuum line 4. Codes indicate problems — The Self-Test Diagnostic Procedure is complete. If vehicle high altitude symptoms are still present, they are probably not related to the computer system. System pass. Page 49 manifold. All except High your vehicle. Altitude : System pass. Page 50 Mid Vacuum Switch circuit is open. Page 51 This section explains the EEC-IV engine A computer controlled engine is basically computer control system, the types of the same as earlier types.

It is still an sensors and how the computer controls internal combustion engine with pistons, fuel delivery, idle speed, spark timing spark plugs, valves and cams. Page 52 OFF no voltage signal to the computer.

Switches connect to two wires and tell the computer simple things, such as whether or not the air conditioner is running. Page 53 is. Sensors used: coolant tempera- amount of fuel delivered and the ture, throttle position, manifold computer would not know it.

Sensors used: mass air flow or a combination of manifold absolute The computer watches the coolant pressure, manifold air temperature, Page 54 sensors to determine vehicle speed, engine load and temperature.

RPM, throttle position, coolant temperature Throttle position and RPM sensors tell and manifold pressure or mass air flow the computer when the vehicle is idling. Then, the computer Sometimes an idle position switch on the adjusts timing according to factory throttle is used. The computer merely You can linkage on the carburetor.

The speed — a standard mechanical idle cam computer controls vacuum to this rod mechanism is used. Page 57 Air conditioner Cylinder Identification signal. Canister Purge solenoid.

This is a frequency type This device controls the signal coming from a flow of fuel vapors from the Air Conditioner Clutch camshaft mounted sensor. An instru- System, spark retard, signals — those which are ment using a numeric read- throttle kicker and canister constantly switching out to display measured purge. Page 59 Electro-Drive Fan relay.

The EGO sensor is solenoid. The ECA relay to apply power to the threaded into the exhaust energizes this solenoid to Electro-Drive Fan mounted manifold, directly into the apply vacuum and thus in front stream of the exhaust Page 60 Feedback Carburetor. This The frequency of an High-speed Electro-Drive is used on early versions of electronic signal is a Fan relay. The ECA computer controlled measure of how often the energizes this relay when it engines.

Page 61 Idle Speed Control. This Keep Alive Power. A power Mass Air Flow sensor. This refers to a small electric connection running from sensor measures the stepper motor mounted on the ECA directly to the amount of air entering the the throttle body and vehicle battery. Page 62 know it. Neutral Drive Switch. This tells the ECA transmissions. These signals when power steering is uses this switch to may activate relays or being used.

An ignition changes with temperature. Sends a system consisting of a Thermistors are used as temperature status signal distributor, ignition coil and sensors for vehicle coolant to the ECA. TFI-IV module. Contains conditioner Cut-off relay. This pump, etc. ECA controls is desirable during heavy module. Page 66 No warranty expressed or implied can be made for its accuracy or completeness, nor is any responsibility assumed by Actron or anyone connected with it for loss or damages suffered through reliance on any information contained in this manual or misuse of accompanying product.

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OBD I Code Scanner Ford

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Actron Code Scanner CP9015 Instruction Manual


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