Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Our blog post the other day discussed frugal living. Readers might be interested in Alpha Strategy: The Ultimate Plan for Financial Self-Defense for the Small Investor, a great free ebook that explains in detail how to prepare for uncertain economic times such as those we live in. It is written with the layman in mind.

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Privacy Terms. Quick links. I would also own bicycle tools, general household tools, and whatever other tools I find useful as I learn more skills. I'd further learn as many of skills and potential careers as I can throughout my life, which I like doing anyway.

Also, by progressively living more simply, I need less material goods in my life, which means I need to physically store less lifetime supplies of stuff. The functions stack. It may be addressed in the book I didn't finish it yet , but it doesn't really factor in the chances of hyper deflation, where it might make sense to hold cash as it doesn't always make more sense to hedge your bets so to speak. There is a lot to be said for the cost of storing all your stuff though To perhaps unjustly summarize the second half: buy all the storable stuff you'd ever need now three tons of tp!

Perhaps unknowingly, super-preppers still follow large parts of this strategy by e. Thousands of rounds of ammo. Complete unused toolsets. And so on. Buying food on sale, in bulk cuts down on overall food costs. Unfortunately, it doesn't scale well. The extent of adoption of the tactic and the particulars of implementation will vary widely among different people with different circumstances, but I've noticed a tendency to reject it completely in a lot of people.

I guess it's the cultural perception of storing real goods as something that crazy preppers do, but the fact that it is possible to overdo something doesn't completely disqualify it from consideration. The temptation to do so seems stronger with The Alpha Strategy than with car-free living, investing in the stock market or minimalism for example, though. Board index All times are UTC.


Alpha Strategy Ultimate Plan by John Pugsley

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Alpha Strategy: The Ul Other editions. Error rating book.


Alpha Strategy: The Ultimate Plan of Financial Self-Defense for the Small Investor.

In this book the author is convincing and has remarkable insights when he writes about how the average hard-working American is the mark in the most sophisticated "sting" in history. He states that the scam is so incredibly clever that you are probably actively supporting your own plunder. He explains how ignorance about the nature of money and the principles of economics allows swindlers to secretly tap into your wealth. He explains that the only source of wealth is individual effort and theft ultimately results in lower production and a lower standard of living, it destroys your incentive to work as well as the thief's since he need not produce things himself if he is successful in stealing from you. The theft he describes is legal theft where an individual uses the power of government to either control your right to exchange your property or to confiscate your property directly, by inflation, taxation, and regulation. His solution to stockpiling wealth that he calls the Alpha Strategy is simply a plan to begin investing in real goods instead of paper claims on wealth.

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