Waldorf schools are popular with progressives. But how do you feel about a dose of spiritualism with your child's reading and math? Would you send your kid to a school where faceless dolls and pine-cones are the toys of choice? A school where kids don't read proficiently until age 9 or 10 -- and where time spared goes to knitting and playing the recorder?

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Re: Anthroposophy, a Secret Religion? Posted by: corboy. If you want to get help timing the stock market, go to your local Waldorf school and ask to consult the persons on staff who are first class members of Anthroposophy. First Class holders are found in every Steiner Waldorf school, the spiritual health of a school is supposedly measured by the amount of First Class members. I feel I cannot really comment on your experiences, my concerns are with what is happening in the schools right now.

Within the Pedagogical Section there is an group responsible for the recognition of schools as Steiner Waldorf Schools and, for kindergartens as Steiner Waldorf Kindergartens.

Worth noting is that the legal right to this name is granted only after the school or kindergarten has been recognized as such. Nick Nakorn's blog -- Anthro pseudoscience Infilitration. These schools are based on a religion, and one that many parents, if fully informed of, would not expose their children to, given an informed choice. In my view, we should treat Anthroposophy the same way we would treat any other racist organization. The fact Posts about Anthroposophy written by Nick Nakorn.

Posts about Biodynamics written by Nick Nakorn. On Facebook and other social media, Anthroposophists usually respond to criticism as if I can't help wondering if it was the weirdness of anthroposophy, the Nick Nakorn's response must be the moste paranoid, conspirational Jun 28, My own new blog is at [ nicknakorn.

I had never heard of this anthroposophy, and now that I know about it, my world is just Dear Nick Nakorn,. I had never heard of this anthroposophy, and now that I know about it, my world is just a little bit darker. You have ruined my day. Thank you. Posts about Waldorf critics written by ukanthroposophy. Nick Nakorn writes about institutional racism: "The sub-set within this sphere that I choose to write about most often I don't have time to tackle everything is the Now if we look at Anthroposophy and the way in which is practiced one might Nick Nakorn makes an argument to that effect in this thread.

The fact that they also promote green and environmental issues does not give them a valid excuse. Kate Humble should know better given her journalistic experience but, as some of the television programmes she has hosted show, her basic attitude towards other cultures can be condescending in the extreme.

When their often financial associations are pointed out they then tend to simply deny that to support, or be associated with, racist doctrines is to be supportive of racism. The peril of focusing only on the 'good bits'. From Nike Nokorn: "my particular emphasis concerning these issues is combating rural racism and it is quite clear from the evidence that many non-white people feel extremely uncomfortable working with, mixing with and having to do business with people who belong to cults that are explicitly racist.

The BNP once had excellent green policies but does that make them acceptable? Until these organisations renounce their old ways of racism, homophobia, sexism, exclusivity and the support of tyranical forms of government, they must be rejected as dangerous to the safety of rational people.

And if rationality is to be so downgraded in favour of mysticism then all is lost; because language itself, and thus all discourse and discussion, relies on the rational and logical processes of modelling reality that are inclusive and specific. Particularly as Anthroposophy offers nothing that can not be found elsewhere other than the false promise of racial karmic progression. Steiner believes that it is the white northern Europeans who are able to do this; becoming white being their karmic reward.

Being non-white is a karmic punishment and being white is a reward. So it matters not that you like some of his ideas; they are all in the service of his racial karmic progression. Anyway, nearly all of his esoteric nonsense was lifted from existing religions. Corboy: Mr Nakorn is accurate in this assertion. Steiner was influenced by Goethe's science and theory of colors, and was head of the Theosophy Society's German section, before seceding to form his own interpretation of Theosophy.

His big disagreement with Theosophy was its emphasis on Asian spirituality; Steiner felt Northern European spirituality should be emphasised.

Mr Nakorn continues So why pick his brand of nonsense over another? If you like re-incarnation, if you like karma, if you like goblins in the roots, if you like dancing with a weird expression on your face, if you like buildings with funny shaped windows then like them independently of Steiner. Invent your own stuff — just reject Steiner outright and be done with it. Not to do so is to support the racism regardless of the fact you say you do not support it; because you refuse to reject wholly an institution that is founded upon it.

It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Mar 9, GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Or the other anthroposophical applications for that matter? Or does it not, after all, have to do that, as the quote suggests? Is the controversy just there if you choose the wrong or right, depending on taste focus?

In my view it is important to reject as a whole religions and cults that are set up to be exclusive, divisive and dangerous and to support forms of organisation that are fair, democratising, rational and inclusive.

Imagine, dear readers, you, as either an individual, a business or a committee — or a political entity — commission a firm to build a house. You look at all the designs and costs and check that each firm is properly regulated and qualified. You live in an earthquake zone. Of them all, you choose the one that looks most interesting because all the prices seem similar, all the firms belong to the same professional bodies and all offer quake-proof designs.

Yet, two years after the house has been finished and occupied there is an earthquake, the house collapses and kills all inside.

It is the only new house in the area to have collapsed. Now, however much you liked their aesthetic, would you visit them in prison and reward them with further work? Now if we look at Anthroposophy and the way in which is practiced one might not think there are such extreme cases.

But how many non-white people suffer from depression and are unable to find work because so many people still, to this day, refuse to renounce sects and movements that are explicitly racist? How many children and adults will die because an immunisation programme was thwarted? As you know, my particular emphasis concerning these issues is combating rural racism and it is quite clear from the evidence that many non-white people feel extremely uncomfortable working with, mixing with and having to do business with people who belong to cults that are explicitly racist.

I would like to make just one observation. He would have claimed that wiping out huge numbers of people who got in his way was a perfectly rational thing to do, it was all part of a vast social engineering programme. I think we can have a democracy where cults are unacceptable and do not wield any power ie they are not allowed to educate children at tax payers expense.

I am afraid where I live the cult of Steiner is starting to prevail, and one begins to feel an outsider if one questions their methods. Falk, I find your comment quite objectionable. Firstly, as Helen points out, you are citing crimes comitted by regimes that are themselves cults in a bid to discredit my criticism of the Steiner cult. Finally, you have made your observation but you have not dealt with any of the issues; do you think there is a middle way? Steiner is clear about his preference for white people and he is clear that he prefers magic to rationality.

If you agree, with Steiner then we all know where we stand. If not, why belittle his critics and thereby defend him? Why is it so hard for you to reject a racist? His primary motivation in developing his philosophy was compassion for the poor and exploited. Despite those racist views I believe there is something to be learned from Marx.

So why pick his brand of nonsense over another? They reject or overlook the references to slavery and women as property, not to mention the encouragement to slay non believers, and they trumpet the examples of good works done by religious groups. These good works can be and are carried on without religion and would be more frequently in a world without it, and without the suffering caused by religious policies such as refusal to supply contraception. Because if you buy the products education, food, et c you do, in a way, inevitably support the [ A non-racist would never think up such vile ideas in the first place; never.

All political action, whether on a blog or by membership of a political movement, is about making public choices — showing which values you support.

For instance; Many years ago I used to love riding a motorcycle without a crash helmet and some of my friends were appalled to find that I was in favour of making crash helmets mandatory in the UK — I even wrote letters in support of the introduction of the crash-helmet laws.

One of my friends called me a hypocrite. But democracy is not about each individual clamouring for their own desires to be accommodated, it is about choosing to support what makes rational sense and causes the least harm. There is nothing, for example, to stop Falk from dancing in any fashion he likes while, at the same time, being very public about rejecting Steiner if he wished it dance is not owned by anyone.

The more I learn, the more improbable it all seems. As you know I am still finding out. I have not read all the archive so you could maybe refer me to something you have said before.

In doing so they divert attention away from the roots of the Church and thus gain more support. They also use up resources which would otherwise be available to non sectaian or non religious groups and therefore better used. Free schools would not be run by Cults, and Aid agencies would be run by people who do not let religious imaginings affect their work. Cooking and commenting again, hope this makes sense.

I know I do. Even if it seems so. My bookshelves are stacked with books on religion but I reject it completely. I am sure anthroposophy can have a similar appeal. But what if you want that biodynamic cake too?


Is This Grade School a 'Cult'? (And Do Parents Care?)

Waldorf classrooms can seem an attractive alternative to the traditional classroom. Children spend lots of time out of doors. The teacher serves as an authority, staying with the same classroom for up to 8 years. The students create lesson books documenting their learning progress. Delayed Academics is an important feature of the Waldorf education system, which is the brainchild of Rudolf Steiner. Steiner felt that early formal learning kept children from the natural development of the spirit, mind, and body. Some parents are enthusiastic about the Waldorf education system.


The Insidious Pervasiveness of the Cult of Rudolf Steiner

This morning, we discovered that pharmaceutical companies in Germany that manufacture homeopathic remedies, had being paying shills to discredit critics of alternative medicine. One of the organsiations was Weleda, an anthroposophical health care company founded by Rudolf Steiner. I asked him to tone down his language before I would allow him to post. When I first started writing about Anthroposophical Medicine and Steiner Schools, I struggled to understand the nature of this strange organisation that appeared to be behind so many schools, businesses, farms, banks and medical centres. There is not a great deal of independent writing about Anthroposophy. What appears to be a common theme is that Steinerist organisations do not make a habit of being open about their anthroposophical roots. Anyone investing in Triodos Bank , again, would have to work hard to uncover its Anthoposophical aims.


Waldorf: Is There a Hidden Agenda? Interview with Dan Dugan

Anthroposophy is a philosophy founded in the early 20th century by the esotericist Rudolf Steiner that postulates the existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world, accessible to human experience. Followers of anthroposophy aim to develop mental faculties of spiritual discovery through a mode of thought independent of sensory experience. The philosophy has its roots in German idealist and mystical philosophies. Albert Schweitzer was a friend of Steiner's and was supportive of his ideals for cultural renewal. Here, Steiner developed a concept of free will based on inner experiences, especially those that occur in the creative activity of independent thought.

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