I'd love to see a Basque course here. I'm curious if anyone else would be interested in working on a Basque course for Spanish or English speakers and what sort of audience it might have ie. I can speak and write basque fluently,I've just applied for it. Let's see if my application is accepted.

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The format is nice and the way it covers the grammar is nice as well. Eskerrik asko eta ikusi arte. Benetan, ezin dut ulertu zergatik oraindik ez da posible hemendik ikastea.

I can be pretty slow myself a 76 year old with cataracts but I think I could be helpful in your mission as I have an extensive vocabulary in euskara and am euskear to do translations. For advice, at least for me, the best way to study a language is knowing its music and literature, so lets go! Ni jadanik apuntatu naiz Duolingoren inkubadorean.

It goes from A1 — B2. I applied for the Catalan for English speakers course ages ago but never heard anything back. Jeroogalo 8 6 2. There are lots of exercises, texts, and audio, all for iniciaicon.

Seria ideal tener un curso de Euskera en duolingo! I also think it would work really well on Duolingo as the iniciwcion system is, while not necessarily complicated, really extense. I really want to speak it well some day: The Assimil course if you speak French or Spanish is nice, really hard but nice, and found it really useful for getting used to understanding the spoken language. Awesome, Basque is a really interesting language.

Las primeras lecciones de su curso son bastante digeribles, pero una vez te presenta los verbos todo va muy deprisa. It would be amazing if you could send in an application to the incubator and see if anyone else you know would be interested in helping create the course. Espero que tengas muchos colaboradores y que el curso inifiacion euskera salga adelante!

Mariasecolopez 13 6 2 2. Perhaps Basque Euskara can do the same thing. If there happened to be an option to contribute or a group was created or something, please contact him. Learning about the Basque language and people did a lot to really increase my desire to learn foreign languages.

No tengo ni idea de Euskera, y he probado con otras con Ikasten pero me resulta muy cansado. David 24 11 9. Si tienes alguna pregunta o algo que no entiendes muy bien, no dudes en preguntar. Anthony Horowitz.



I haven't actually used the course, so can't really comment beyond that. Obviously they could have made a much more complete method, not just an introduction; I liked it though. I see, thanks for the ipods, which are rare as well. I was referring to audiocourses like the ones from Assimil, Linguaphone, Teach Yourself, Colloquial, Living language, Hugo and so on, taking apart other material like grammars, dictionaries, recordings, etc. Since this point of view I only know the two ones from Assimil and Colloquial Basque. Regarding other books for Basque learning, there is a Spanish and French based course for self-study called "Bakarka".


Assimil Basque (iniciacion al euskara)

Quick links. Basque resources. If there is one, the forum moderator is free to move my thread into the already existing one. And it doesn't even say a damn thing about pitch-accent or stress!

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