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Jensen, Endgame , p. See Sanderson et al. In terms of food production, the population spike is mostly the result of the use of synthetic fertilizers, especially the energy-intensive Haber-Bosch process for fixing nitrogen, and the substitution of fossil fuel energy for animal energy including humans and draft animals. Industrial agriculture uses roughly ten fossil fuel calories for every calorie of food energy produced, a net loss of percent.

This dependency is exhaustively covered in the peak oil literature. Homo habilis was a tool-using human species that appeared about 2. If we assume human civilization is 10, years old, then civilization has only existed for 0. If we compressed the entirety of human history to one year— days—then civilization would appear at around pm on December It discusses many effects of city development in great detail.

Mumford, The City in History , p. Gibbon, Decline and Fall , pp. Hansen et al. Between writing and editing this, estimates have gone up even more. Virtually every scientific estimate seems to be deemed overly conservative within a few years of its publication, not a pattern I would like to bet the planet on.

Climate Change , p. Officially called the Permian-Triassic extinction event. Bullard et al. Marufu et al.

Derrick and Aric wrote in much more detail about garbage, waste, and pollution in their book What We Leave Behind. Sourced from endangered-languages. Robbins, Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism , p. According to David Pimentel, professor of ecology and agricultural sciences at Cornell University.

Some minerals do represent sources of energy. Fissionable materials like uranium may be in short supply, especially after peak oil dramatically increases demand for non-petroleum-based energy supplies.

Gordon et al. Millenium Ecosystem Assessment, Synthesis. Worldwatch Institute, Vital Signs — Myers et al. Wilson, The Future of Life. There are a few mathematical assumptions here. Name since changed to protect the guilty. The discovery of the greenhouse effect is credited to Joseph Fourier. Arrhenius mistakenly predicted that global warming would take about 3, years to develop because he failed to anticipate the dramatic increases in fossil fuel consumption that were about to begin.

Of course, even the unsustainable corporations are doing a pretty good job of bankrupting themselves these days. Tax Bill. Smedley, Race in North America , p. Frye, The Politics of Reality , p Dworkin, Letters from a War Zone , p. Roszak, The Making , p. Barber argues that the reason SDS fell was because it failed to address racism, sexism, and empire.

Varon, Bringing the War Home , p. Cleaver, Soul on Ice. Pearson, The Shadow , p. See also Ogbar. See also Abramson, Palante. Perhaps nothing can be more evident than that it is the sole cause. If anything can be predicated as universally true of uncultivated man, it is that he will not labour beyond what is absolutely necessary to maintain his existence.

Labour is pain to those who are unaccustomed to it, and the nature of man is averse to pain. Even with all the training, the helps and motives of civilization, we find that this aversion cannot be overcome in many individuals of the most cultivated societies.

The coercion of Slavery alone is adequate to form man to habits of labour. Without it, there can be no accumulation of property, no providence for the future, no taste for comforts or elegancies, which are the characteristics and essentials of civilization. Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth , p. Morgan, The Demon Lover , p. Maier, From Resistance , p. Conser et al. Raphael, The First.

Ibid, p. Quinn, Beyond Civilization , p. Heinberg, Powerdown , p. Heinberg, Peak Everything , p. Philosophy Dictionary. The Xhosa Cattle-Killing Movement. Harrison, Visions of Glory , p.

Festinger, When Prophecy Fails. Sharp, The Politics , p. Quoted in Jensen, Endgame , Vol. There are untold numbers of cultures around the globe, and each one will resist in ways that are unique to it. That means they have their own specific histories and strengths, their own blind spots and failings.

In the contemporary US, leftists across the progressive to radical spectrum come from diverse backgrounds. Sometimes these groups have been able to build working coalitions with functioning community norms. What I am critiquing here is the culture created by largely white, more or less privileged young men. To the extent that the values and norms of that group became hegemonic across many movements, this critique needs to happen, as those values will create neither a successful resistance nor the coalitions necessary for social transformation.

But my analysis may not have much bearing on other cultures of resistance, nor would it be appropriate for me to criticize cultures of which I am not a member. Thanks to Annemarie Monahan. I need to point out that this man, who is famous for his treatise on child-rearing and education, abandoned as many as five of his own infant children to foundling homes, where most likely they died. This is not to say that nonhumans do not create cultures.

It is merely to say that all humans do. Just and Lust, Return to Nature , p. Kennedy and Ryan, Hippie Roots. Eley, From Unification , p.

Blackborn, History of Germany , p. Lunn, Prophet of Community , p. Weindling, Health, Race, and German Politics , p. Biehl and Staudenmaier. Biehl and Staudenmaier, Ecofascism. Barbaric is precisely the wrong word. Barbarian is what the civilized Greeks called the indigenous of Greece, making fun of their language. Whatever atrocities those indigenous may have committed, they are not of the same magnitude nor motivation of those committed by mechanized societies like modern Germany.

And the next wave of the German youth movement in the s was, of course, far less ambiguous. Laqueur, Young Germany , p. Dworkin, p. Wilson, Bohemians , p. Spender, World Within World , p. Melville, Communes , p. Melville, p. Blackborn, p. Walsh, Why Do They , p. Hoffman, Revolution , p. Though it has since been taken up by right-wing ideologues as an excuse for their racist, misogynist, and entitled attitudes.


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