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Sorry, this product is no longer available on zZounds. We recommend this alternative:. Visit product page to order. Thank you. Your vote has been counted. Could you briefly tell us why the review was or was not helpful?

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Seen it for less somewhere else? Get it for less at zZounds. Want our best price even faster? At zZounds, we know you want your gear fast, and shipped to you free of charge. This includes heavy and oversized items. No minimum purchase required. No exclusions. We pull it all off with our strategically placed, coast-to-coast warehouses.

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Ships to:. In Stock. Call a gear expert now! Own this item for. Overview Specs Warranties and Docs Reviews. This professional sound-shaping tool can be used at live venues for PA optimization or in the studio to process individual signals or your stereo mix. The GEQ is also perfect for feedback removal or placing vocals and instruments in the mix. Last but not least, the Ultra-Graph Pro is a useful tool for mastering. Direct Access to All Controls The Behringer Ultra-Graph Pro enables you to directly access all functions, allowing lightning-fast adjustments and precise setting in any situation.

All controls are illuminated and two segment LED displays can be set to monitor input or output level, helping you to prevent overloading. The sweepable high-pass and low-pass filters allow "pre-graphic" trimming of the frequency range. After that, you can get to the heart of the matter with 31 EQ faders per channel for extensive processing between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. Live on Stage: The Ultra-Graph Pro's Natural Environment Club, stadium, and concert hall acoustics can vary immensely depending upon their construction.

Even with the best PA system, an engineer often has to fight hard against poor clarity, dull sound and ill-defined signal positioning. The Ultra-Graph Pro offers invaluable assistance in adapting the program material to the current room acoustics. With the GEQ, you can achieve dramatically improvements in signal presence and overall audio quality, optimize your system's efficiency, and give the audience the kind of sound they expect. Feedback loops in the monitor system are a breeze to conquer.

Just zap the feedback frequency with maximum attenuation and that feedback is history. Extremely low frequencies are often cut to avoid low-end feedback, which leads to muddy sound.

Used in the monitor system, the Ultra-Graph Pro cleans up your monitor sound, making it more transparent and giving you considerably more headroom. Go ahead and crank up that aux send master. By the way: if you should ever be surprised by a power-down, the GEQ is automatically switched to bypass mode. The same relays that take care of this also provide a switch-on delay to protect your system against dangerous switching noises.

With the Ultra-Graph Pro, you've got extensive signal processing capabilities. Boosting or attenuating certain frequencies can accent voices and instruments in the mix.

Next to this classic application, equalizers are often used today for creative sound design: with extreme settings you can conjure up wild effects that get your audience's attention. A further application is mastering.

Sometimes a mix sounds a bit out of whack. Using the GEQ in the sum enables you to manipulate a finished mix by correcting frequency imbalances until the mix sounds homogenous.

No matter which application, the Ultra-Graph Pro helps you reach your goal: that same professional sound you hear out of top recording studios. Features band stereo graphic equalizer for live and studio applications Sound improvement in post-production and all recording situations Sweep-able high-pass and low-pass filters remove unwanted signal portions, i. Behringer Warranty. Customer Reviews 2. Quality: The first one I received, the lights in the faders were all dead, so I sent it back and got another one.

This one was fine As mentioned before, I almost fryed an amp and my right pair of speakers. I called behringer to get the thing RMA'd, but they had me send it to "the good guys" yes, that is the name of the 'authorized' service center. After numerous delays, they said they replaced some capacitor on the inside, and checked the soldering on the inside as well.

Manufacturer Support: If the darn thing stops working, demand a refund or a new replacement with a new warranty. The Wow Factor: There is no appeal in a piece of equipment that doesn't work. Did you? People who bought this item also bought. New From. Behringer EP Power Amplifier. They are set up and ready to be played and gigged with. I have ordered stuff that I had to return like amps that just didn't fit my style and returns are easy with zZounds. Our gear experts can help! Follow zZounds on:.

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Behringer GEQ3102 Ultra Graph Pro 31-Band EQ

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Behringer ULTRA-GRAPH PRO GEQ3102 User Manual


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