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Or Eminence HO? User Name Stay logged in? So I'm progressing along my active 4-way design. Thanks to all who've been helping! They basically look the same on paper, with the 10G40 being much easier to source here, but being noted as "optimized for small vented enclosures" as a woofer.

Hence this thread. How much should I trust my calculations? I'm looking for tight, powerful midbass 80 to Hz. Sealed box. My subs are capable of dB at 80Hz, so this is the reference for the midbass. I think I'm done looking into alternatives.

Moving "enough air" is a goal, and while I initially assumed a 12" would move more than a 10", same Vd suggests they both move the same amount. The same, for practical purposes. I'm thinking a Hypex would take care of either one.

Price is the same. The advantage of the 10G easily available in town vs. I'm attaching a summary of my table, including the TD12M and 12P80Fe, that also looked good but were eventually discarded. Thank you! Attached Images midbass finalists. Design goal: 80Hz - Hz in a sealed alignment. If a larger volume box is acceptable The You might get some construction ideas from this TPLH build CLD panels Excellent Reviews Two side mounted counter-force 12" woofers near floor.

Attached Images BFM 1. Originally Posted by LineSource. Originally Posted by LewinskiH Attached Images Favorite Horn Speaks.

Start sim with midbass center 12" - 16" above ground. Beyma has the latest datasheet. A few coins are often used for a known mass. Attached Images Beyma 10G40 x JPG BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. Resources saved on this page: MySQL User Name.

Stay logged in? Mark Forums Read. Multi-Way Conventional loudspeakers with crossovers. Please consider donating to help us continue to serve you. Thread Tools. Attached Images.

View Public Profile. Send a private message to LewinskiH Find More Posts by LewinskiH Shameless bump. Anybody has input? BFM 1. BFM 2. BFM 3. Find More Posts by LineSource. Favorite Horn Speaks. Beyma 10G40 x Posting Rules. Similar Threads. Beyma 10G Beyma 12XA30Nd: Help wanted with sealed box. Help me getting the bass I simulated Beyma 10G40 in vented box. Frequently Asked Questions Did you forget your password?


Beyma - 10G40-4 - 10" Pro Driver - 4 ohm

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