Printable version. The volume control increases or decreases the loudness of your voice terminal's ringing and the voice terminal speaker. The dial pad functions like the one on any other telephone. You can also dial number to program buttons for your voice terminal. The Intercom buttons, Intercom-Ring and Intercom-Voice allow you to call or receive calls from someone connected to your Merlin system. The buttons above and to the right of the dial pad can be used to access outside lines, line pools, or programmable features.

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It was designed at the beginning of the s prior to the Bell System Divestiture as a modern electronic replacement for the dated electromechanical 1A2 Key System. Earlier Bell attempts at an electronic key system, such as the Horizon and Dimension, were not as successful as were the much larger systems, in fact the Dimension was a PBX.

The Merlin was the first small electronic system, replacing the Com Key The Merlin system was originally sold in two-line, six-telephone ; four-line, telephone ; and eight-line, telephone configurations.

Later, there was a further line, telephone configuration, with an expansion KSU allowing the system to accommodate up to 70 telephones available and respectively. The original Merlin was replaced with the Merlin Plus system in the late s, using circuit cards to be expandable to 8 lines and 20 telephones, much like the original model. The original Merlin Plus was dubbed the d.

It was identical in features to the earlier Merlin with the Feature Package 2 cartridge installed. Following the d was the d2. The d2 included the previous features as the d but featured an Automatic System Access ASA processor coupled with a voice synthesis capabilities and a Busy Buster. The ASA processor provided users with call forwarding, direct extension dial, and system answer capabilities. The busy buster allowed users to have the d2 automatically retry a busy number every minute for up to 10 minutes and notify the user when the call was connected.

In the early s, the Merlin II and Merlin Legend debuted with even more features and expandability, and new MLX telephones , but the system was also backwards compatible with the original Merlin telephones. The Magix's carrier was metal and, as such, modules were not encased inside plastic shells as they were with the Legend.

Despite being over two decades old, the Merlin's modern electronic features and legendary Bell System era quality and durability still make the Classic Merlins very popular telephone systems with small businesses.

The 1A2 phone system was the only multi-line telephone system solution for many decades, but it also had feature limitations, complex cable management, and high maintenance cost. Attached here is the pin-out diagram of the new "skinny cable", only requiring 4-pair Category 3 cable, to each telephone set while providing the same multiline functionality of 1A2 and more.

For sites with previously installed 1A2 systems, an adapter was available that could simply be connected to the Amphenol connector commonly used by 1A2 telephones. Of all the Merlin telephones, the original phones were possibly the most elegant. In the s, they were considered as sleek and as fashionable as a Rolex watch -- the Merlin phones made a social status statement as something only the most trustworthy, successful businesses could afford. Used only with the Merlin Plus system for logging calls or configuration to a printer.

You can connect the data collector to an available voice terminal jack on the control unit. The data collector can hold up to one full page of printout, 60 lines of 80 characters each. The collector disregards any material over the one page limit. The MERLIN Plus system is set to have the data collector and the printer connected to voice terminal jack 19, but the administrator can connect the data collector and the printer to any other voice terminal jack in the system, except jack An auxiliary alert device such as a doorbell, chime, or tone generator can be connected to the Doorphone Controller so that it will ring when the door phone button is pushed.

An optional electric strike plate release can be obtained for door operation to permit the caller to unlock the door by entering a preset code on the doorphone keypad. The electric strike plate can also provide an alarm that sounds when the door is opened by unauthorized means or is not closed within a certain amount of time. Although the Doorphone Controller can be configured to connect to either a Central Office CO port or a station port, it is recommended that only the CO port connection be used.

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