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Transmitiremos ao vivo e gratuitamente pelos links:. Para ficar sempre por dentro siga no Instagram festivaldemusica. Um dos choros mais bonitos de Pixinguinha! Muito obrigado por tudo. Autodidata, Hermeto procurava sempre pesquisar, estudar e experimentar novos sons de elementos mais inusitados. Conta-se que, numa determinada o Era ainda clarinetista e compositor.

Aos oito ano Gravada originalmente pelo compositor Pretinho da Serrinha Reza pra agradecer ganhou peso, volume e corpo na voz de Maria Rita. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Samba Choro Partituras on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Rodolfo Vilela. Information about Page Insights Data. Every Wednesday of this May will be a play along of the best quality with this 7 string icon.

On the link the classic of master Waldir Azevedo: Little pieces of heaven. Letra: Bate outra vez Continue Reading. Lyrics: Hit again With hopes my heart Because summer is over At last Back to the garden Surely I must cry Well I know you don't want to come back For me I complain to the roses What nonsense roses don't talk Just the roses exude The perfume they steal from you, oh You should come To see my sad eyes And maybe you dreamed my dreams At last Hit again With hopes my heart Because summer is over At last Back to the garden Surely I must cry Well I know you don't want to come back For me I complain to the roses What nonsense roses don't talk Just the roses exude The perfume they steal from you, oh You should come To see my sad eyes And maybe you dreamed my dreams At last You should come To see my sad eyes And maybe you dreamed my dreams At last This song by "Roses Don't Talk" has a beautiful story.

One day, Dona Zica, Cartola's wife, won some rose seedlings. She decided to plant them in the garden and a few days later, when opening the door in the morning, she was ecstatic by the amount of bloomed roses. So he called Cartola and asked: - Hat, come see! Why was so much pink born? Master Cartola then replied: I don't know, Zica.

Roses don't talk The sentence kept removing in the poet's head. Then he took the guitar and the music sprouted almost immediately. Three days left before he turns 65 Cartola then said "Roses don't talk" was her birthday present. In the middle of the program, Cartola interrupted Paulinho da Viola and asked to present one of her compositions.

Paulinho da Viola ran out of action but the program director authorized the presentation. Cartola then took her guitar and played for the first time in public "The Roses don't talk". Paulinho also told that for years he couldn't sing the song. Having not found the guitarist's house, Nuno decided to enjoy the trip to spend in a floriculture and buy Zica some roseedlings he had promised him.

Times later, bloomed flowers of these rosebuses would cause Zica's enthusiastic inquisition " How is it possible, Cartola, so many roses like this?.. On this album he featured other unreleased as the masterpiece "The world is a mill". In addition to delicacy and refinement, what amazes in these two songs is the fact that they were created by the composer at an age where most people are already retired, without much to offer.

Cartola is a special case in our popular music. Too bad only in the last years of life he managed to record most of his work The Song in Time - Vol. In any case, played by Carmen Miranda and Elizete Cardoso a Cazuza and Ney Matogrosso, the songs of Cartola are characterized by both melodic beauty and poetic crossed by the drawing of romantic love; of the subject who suffers and has no modeur when singing the pain The best of the world. From the "meretricio area" extracted the subtleties that give the contradiction of existence.

By saying that the roses do not speak, the subject of the song, who, could have his singing passed by the beauty of the roses, persuades the other to listen to him: hear the singing of love. While roses only exude the perfume they steal from the other, he, subject of the song, who prefers the beauty of the beloved woman to the beauty of roses, composes the singing of hope in affection.

The statement reaches its goal - to catch the other, make him come back - at the moment when, with the end of summer, realizes the possibility of occupying the visual auditory and tactile place of the roses with its corner. If roses don't talk, and every individual needs other people's speech to individualize in the world, the subject speaks - sings - the other: gives guidance and identification to life.

Obviously, when singing the other, the guy knows he is calming the ais that comes out of you. The interplace opened by the end of summer, which makes the heart beat again, extends the ability to conjunction between lovers, because it eliminates the pseudo confidants: the roses.

When realizing his competence as a singer, the subject directs his narrative and whimper to his object of desire, in anticipation of correspondence. The other " sees " the sad eyes of the guy and hears his complaint: the heart shoots - " and, who knows, you dreamed my dreams at last ".

One of the most beautiful cry in Pixinguinha! It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser. Posted by Lucas Arantes. We are waiting for you there! Abs Translated. Self-taught, Hermeto always sought to research, study and experience new sounds of more unusual elements. It is said that, on one occasion, he glued duct tape to the piano keys so he could get the same sound issued by a bird, and that it was common for him to bring animals into the recording studio to use them in his musical productions The best of the world.

This polynstrumentist plays piano, sax alto, drums, scalette, flute, guitar, bass, bombardino, accordion , internationally recognized, even writes scores for the German Symphony, is a Brazilian, northeast, of humble origin.

Albinos have difficulty seeing in very clear places and can suffer sunradiation burns very easily. From an early age, he was shown to have musical skills: already eight years old, he played flute and accordion. In , he joined the trio Novo group that became the Novocom Quartet with Hermeto's participation.

This group, which was featured in Brazilian instrumental music, recorded only one album and in it is the first composition of Hermeto O Egvo , classical of instrumental music.

The group was undone with the departure of Airto that had traveled to the United States. In the early 70 s, Hermeto went to the United States at the invitation of Airto Moreira, which included in one of his records Gaia de Roseira, music with arrangement by Hermeto. According to English review, the best song of the year, a fact that boosted its artistic recognition abroad. In New York City, he performed for a selet audience that included, among others, Wayne Shorter considered one of the most influential modern jazz musicians and Miles Davis American trumpet player, considered by music critics as the " jazz propellant force for more Forty-year-old ".

Miles liked what he saw so much and heard that he invited Hermeto to participate in a concert in Washington D. The clumsy chicken. The right egg. The frightened chicken. Like a stalled projectile.

For egg is egg in space. Egg over blue - I love you egg I love you like one thing doesn't even know you love something else. The aura of my fingers see the egg. I don't touch it - But to dedicate myself to the vision of the egg would be to die for worldly life, and I need the yolk and the clear. The egg idealizes me? Does the egg meditate me? No, the egg just sees me.

It is exempt from the understanding that hurts. He is a gift. From egg to egg comes to God, who is invisible to the naked eye. Was it the first pitcher shaped by the Etruscans? No, no, no. The egg originates in Macedonia. There it was calculated, the fruit of the most painful spontaneity. In the sands of Macedonia a man with a rod in his hand drew him. And then he erased it with a naked foot. The egg is something you need to be careful. That's why the chicken is the egg disguise.

For the egg to cross the times the chicken exists. Mom is for that. The egg is white tho But can't be called white. Not because it hurts him, but people who call egg white, these people die for life. Calling white that which is white can destroy humanity.


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