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Auto-login for future visits. Colour Adult: B. Bill pale horn in colour tipped with brown. Eye ring bare and white. Eye dark brown. Colour Juvenile: Duller in colour than adults. Bill brown. Calls are described as being like those of the Tui Parakeet, rapid repetition of high pitched notes; also clear splink splink notes and harsh, scratchy noises. Avibase Handbook of the Birds of the World. Site Parrots of the World, Forshaw and Cooper, Parrots in Aviculture, Low, Fruits such as: apple, pear, banana, orange, cactus fruits, pomegranates, forming about 30 percent of the diet; vegetables if taken such as: carrot, celery, green beans, peas in the pod; green leaves such as: Swiss chard, lettuce, sowthistle, dandelion, chickweed; spray millet; small seed mix such as: canary, millet and smaller amounts of oats, buckwheat, safflower and a little hemp; soaked and sprouted sunflower seed; cooked beans and pulses, boiled maize, and complete pellet.

Enjoys bathing, so provide overhead misters or shallow bowls of water; moderate chewer, so provide browse non-toxic, unsprayed flowering, fir, pine or willow branches. Found up to m ft in lowland tropical rainforest, seasonally flooded and dry formations and semi-open savanna.

Social, usually seen in flocks of up to 30 outside breeding season. Forages in the forest canopy. Member Login. Join or Renew Today! Membership Benefits: PsittaScene Magazine -- our quarterly publication delivered directly to your home. Research your favourite parrot with the Parrot Encyclopedia and Reference Library.

Listen to exciting Podcast interviews with parrot specialists from around the world, many available for WPT members only. Photos View in Gallery. Did You Know? Cobalt-winged Parakeets gather with other parrot species at clay licks.

Academic Research Related publications: Brotogeris cyanoptera. All rights reserved. Design: David Occhino Design.


Cobalt-winged Parakeet

Your login: Password:. Enter your login name or your email address and click on Send reminder to receive a reminder by email. The Cobalt-winged Parakeet Brotogeris cyanoptera is a species of bird in the Psittacidae family, the true parrots. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and heavily degraded former forest.


Cobalt-winged parakeet

Note : Xeno-canto follows the IOC taxonomy. External sites may use a different taxonomy. Total recording duration Results format: detailed concise codes sonograms. Moore et al. Humid forest.


Your login: Password:. Enter your login name or your email address and click on Send reminder to receive a reminder by email. Taxonomic status: Species status: nominal subspecies This taxon is a subspecies of Brotogeris cyanoptera [cyanoptera] Your sightings. Add to a lifelist: None Date: You must be logged in to view your sighting details.



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