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His father, Szymon from Brzeziny, was an educated man and the rector of a cathedral school who also fulfilled the duties of a town councillor. After some time he moved to that city, being all the time involved with the local academy and the adjacent printing house. Szymon Szymonowic was a bilingual poet.

He began with works in Latin and continued writing them till the end of his life. Simultaneously he expressed his opinions in poems written in Polish, and, which it is appropriate to underline, of an idyllic type in the convention of Renaissance Classicism.

During the last period of his life, Szymon Szymonowic wrote other occasional poems, epic works and odes modelled on Pindar. Following the pattern of both authors, Szymonowic built an idyllic scenery, formed lyrical and epic fragments, and organised singing dialogues which fulfilled especially important functions.

In the songs, the idyllic heroes deliver instructions, thoughts and ideas of a stoical origin, reflect on the place of poetry and the poet in society. The poet often inserted his observations and opinions in proverbs and maxims. He was careful about the simplicity of vocabulary and syntax; he remained in the circle of the rules of Renaissance Classicism, and was only sporadically inclined to mannerism, stylistic complexities or enumeration constructions, repetitions, and structures fixing the movement, the game of light and dark.

Szymonowic was also the author of two tragedies in Latin. The second tragedy, Pentesilea published in , whose plot was developed around the history of the Amazon queen participating in the defence of Troy against the Greeks, did not gain such recognition. Szymonowic, esteemed throughout his life in the country and abroad as the creator of Latin poetry, odes in a Pindarian style, and also the tragedy Castus Joseph , is remembered in the history of literature as the continuator of Kochanowskis work.

The poet owes such a high regard to Sielanki , which is related to both the ancient and the national tradition. Pelc, Literatura renesansu w Polsce , Warszawa , Edmund Kotarski.


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