This means that you will always be working with the latest figures, even in your MS Office documents. CaseWare solutions automate audit processes and help you close every financial year easily, accurately and completely. However, you will often still need to use Excel or Word documents to check calculations, make summaries or write explanations. CaseWare Connector bridges the gap between both systems. Automatic integration of data from your digital CaseWare files into your Word and Excel documents.

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View Related Video: Overview. Using Connector's Linkage dialog, you can easily retrieve a variety of Working Papers data. You can create generic documents that can be copied over multiple client files for financial statements, lead sheet schedules, and other custom documents. Additionally, you can create references that open to specific parts of your Working Papers file, such as line items on adjusting entries, reports, and automatic documents.

Connector enables you to link information such as engagement properties, balances, and adjusting entries from your client file. Using Connector functions, you can create links that access the Working Papers database. You can also use the Linkage dialog to generate appropriate links for your document. For a full list of Working Papers categories, see here. Linkage protocols determine how Connector establishes the connection to Working Papers.

Both linkage protocols are supported with Connector to provide the best coverage and functionality available with Microsoft add-ins. For more information, see here. Connector automatically attempts to establish a connection to the Working Papers database. However, there are certain factors that must be taken into account when using Connector. These factors are dependent on the linkage protocol in use, where the document is saved relative to the Working Papers client file, and which client file is currently open in Working Papers.

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Connector Management Reporting Tool

A number of our clients use Connector to link with specific Word and Excel standard template style documents they send to clients. They embed active links to relevant data items within the CaseWare Audit engagement file, which automatically pulls the data through to the Word document or Excel spreadsheet. To directly quote one of those clients, they find Connector useful because:. This allows us to build templates for testing and client documents that require little input other than simple commentary and data analysis which means we can be more efficient.


Connector | Getting Started Guide for CaseWare Connector

You can create links from Word and Excel to the Working Papers database to retrieve accounts, descriptions, balances, and other client-related information. With Connector functionality, you can create custom documents for financial statements, schedules, or calculations that are specific to your needs. For everything you need to know about Connector, navigate through the help topics available here on our website. Use the main categories below, the Search bar located above, or the Menu located in the top right corner to find the topics most relevant to your needs.

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