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DIN EN en. CCH E. June CCH The second edition took into account the accumulated experiences during the first years of use. June CCH The third edition adapted: is -to the actual principles of the QUALITY Organisation, -to the frequent practice of finishingthe parts in the shops of a firm other than the Designer, -to the latest developpments of nondestructive inspections. For this third edition, it gathers 3 Founders, 3 Designers, from Europe and North America and 1 Independent control organization as well as several technical cousultants.

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DIN EN en. CCH E. June CCH The second edition took into account the accumulated experiences during the first years of use. June CCH The third edition adapted: is -to the actual principles of the QUALITY Organisation, -to the frequent practice of finishingthe parts in the shops of a firm other than the Designer, -to the latest developpments of nondestructive inspections.

For this third edition, it gathers 3 Founders, 3 Designers, from Europe and North America and 1 Independent control organization as well as several technical cousultants.

Subject to technical or economic circumstances as well as contract conditions, the Manufacturer may be mistaken for either theDesigner or the Founder or yet a third party FIRM separate from either ofthe other two. It will be the responsibility of he issuer of Quality Sheets QS to clearly complete those sheets, so as to t define without ambiguity the place of examination and consequently state of advancement required for the the various controls prescribed.

The Quality sheet QS is a documentwhich contains all the arrangements relative to the technology and the control which are included in the agreement at time of placing an Order for a hydraulic component according to CCH T0 meet this objective, it defines especially all theinspection methods, the application procedures andthe acceptance criteria to be considered during receivinginspections in the Foundry as well as in the Manufacturer'sworks.

Note : It is recommendedthat the Designer includes one copy of the CCH in the technicalfile handed to the Powerplant upon delivery of the machine. The first mentionedare only fictitious examples for illustration. The indications given are in no way intended to serve as a rule, neither for the mechanicaltesting conditions nor for thechoice of the non-destructive testing method to be applied. The highly stressed areas are indicated by two concentric circles.

Example: The Squares hatched or cross-hatched in blue, show different cases of inspection restriction which may occur: The Squares with cross-hatched shading indicate that the type of inspection in question is very difficult or virtually impossible on the areas concerned because of limited-accessibility,incompatibility of shape and method or other reasons; Squares with single hatched shading represent unusual inspections due to diverse circumstances.

Blank Squares show those cases where the inspectionsre feasible but considered not to be necessary for a the Casting to be inspected. The seconds mentioned specifythe purchase conditions andacceptance standards; they have to be filled in by the Designer with a maximum of objectivenesswith regard to the contract with his Customer.

These forms will not only determine the Casting quality,but also influence the prices. Indeed, the quality level required involves a definite manufacturing routine and Special precautions to be taken by the Founder, the Manufacturer or the Designer.

In this case each party will have to be aware of several Quality Sheets produced. They will be legally valid in case of divergence with other documents. They particularly define: - The authority or authorities responsible for reception, - The Standards used as a reference, - The specifications to be applied for verification of chemicalcomposition and mechanical properties, - The break down of the Casting into different areas, - The places where the different inspections have to be carried out, - The surface quality required for each area of the Casting, - The non-destructive testing method to be applied for checking the soundness of eachCasting area, as well as the extent of the inspection e.

No other inspections exceeding those definedmay be required without mutual agreement of the interested parties. If complementary inspections are decided by such an agreement they will only have an informative value or will be the subjeet of an amendement to the Order.

If a given area should be inspected by Spot checking only, the conditions will be defined after agreement between the parties.

If a confirmative radiographicinspection is forseen, radiography will only be carried out in case the results obtained by ultrasonics do not conform with the specified criteria and thus do not permit an evaluation of the acceptability of the indication. The decision to repair or to perform a radiographic inspection for confirmation is left to the Founder see technical specification UT The non destructive inspections requiered by the Quality Sheet QS as having to be carried out by the Manufacturer or Designer on the finished part, engage the responsibility ofthe Founder; thus informed about the Designer's inteintions and backed by his experience, the Founder will take the necessary measures to avoid -as mwch as possible - any possible failure of his supply in this subsequent state, by having recourseto manufacturing precautionary measures andto preliminary inspections corresponding to the Designer's requirements see technical specification GE If nothing has been specified, the choice the test-Coupons will be stamped identifiedthe and by Founder dh andlor presence thein of : Stressrelieving heat treatment : Ir specimens Test : - withtest-Couponsreattachedonthe Castings.

CCH ? Nichtzutreffendes streichen Siehe Zeichnung. Jede Probeleiste muss Nr. I 7 I Zugprobe n und Kerbschlagproben ergeben. Seite 9 1. If nothing has been specified, the choice will be left to the Founder.

Lage und Dimension der Probeleisten werden durch den Konstrukteur bestimmt, entweder auf der Zeichnung oder auf der Skizze CZoneneinteilung,, des Qualitts-Vorschriftenblattes. Ist dies nicht der Fall, so entscheidet der Giesser. Methode a utiliser CAD ou M. Autre 2 procedure particuliere, Si tel n'est pas le cas, elles sont laissees I'initiative du Fondeur a les appendices d'essais seront en presence de : ,.

Fondeur, ,. Chaque d'essais appendice doit donner 1 2 1 11 3 eProuvette s de traction et eprouvette de resilience. Norme s : ;hapitre 1. I Preamble 1. If the program hasn't beencertified by an accredited organization, theDesigner will verify that the program meets hisown criteria.

The Designer will make Sure, based on the evaluation procedure of his suppliers that they able to are manufacture the parts in question. Retreating by supplementary metallurgical methods : A. The choice of the appropriate qualityheat treatment Parameters determiningthe mechanical propertieswill be left to the Founder.

It's cycle will be in conformity with the welding process qualifications and procurement specifications. The Founder or the Manufacturer will have to obtain the agreement of the Designer on the conditions of this heat treatment.

A Summary of the cycles performed will be described either on the mechanical properties certificate or O a n heat treatment certificate heating andcooling rate, holding temperature with maxi deviations, holding time. At time of final reception, the contractual documents of manufacturing and inspections will be put at the disposal of the Designer or his representative. A check-analysis on theCasting may exceptionally be takeninto consideration if agreed by the parties.

The steel grade hasto be clearly defined inthe inquiry to the Founder. The Founder will state in his offerthe chemical composition of the material to be supplied and the Designer will mention it in his Order and in the Quality Sheet. Generally the followling values are recommended for sulphur and phosphorus ontents: c For unalloyed or slightly alloyed steels: P The number of test specimens required is always meant per Casting not per heat.

In case a Serie of pieces is Cast from the Same heat, the necessary number oftests per lot will be fixed by the Designer and if required the verification of hardness per Casting to control the homogenity ofthe lot in question.

The Founder will provide supplementary test Coupons necessary for his internal tests. The test equipment shall be calibrated periodically. The calibration reports shall be placed at the Designer's and the Customer's disposal. No Special calibration will be carried out.

The visual inspection will Cover the entire Casting under the following aspects: 1 - Identification, 2 - Surface quality, 3 - Visible defects, 4 - Conformity to the documents of the Order. This visual inspection may be carried out with reference to a specification as, for instance, technical recommendation BNlF For the surface roughness of machined or fine ground areas, it is recommended to use the designationsN1 to N11 of the ISO document which is referred to in numerous Standards.

Dimensional aspects should be verified in accordance with the criteria described in Paragraph 4. It is the Designer who makes these choices. T0 perform the runner balancing, theDesigner must indicate the procedure, the Standard to be used and the maximum acceptable imbalance in Kgm,as well as the sensitivity of the method to be used. The Designer shall indicate by which means and wherethe non acceptable imbalance will be eliminated or compensated.

Thus, in his offer, the Founder will accept or discuss the required tolerances. It should be pointed out tthat tolerances have a direct influence on the price of the Casting. Rules for assumptionof costs of repairs. As a rule, both the Founder and the Manufacturer or the Designer are liable for the repair of defects for which they are responsible, i.

Beyond this depth , class 3 in PT or class 2 in MT is applicable. For certain highly stressedareas the Designer may specify more severe criteria. This report will be submitted to the Designer. Any existing certified qualifications corresponding to the criteria defined will not be renewed. This heat treatment may only be omitted will with the agreement of the Designer See 1.

These repairs are executed by the Founder and are recorded. They may be undertaken by theManufacturer or the Designer after the approval of Founder in accordance with the agreed and qualified welding the procedure.

If such measures have not been taken, the repartition of costs should be fixed by a mutual agreement betweenthe Founder, the Manufacturer and the Designer prior to the commencement of work. The repartition of repaircosts may, for instance, be fixed on the basis of one of the criteria mentioned hereafter: - Surface inspection dye penetrant, magnetic particle , - Volume and number of excavations, - Based on the selling price of the Casting.

The costs will be spread in accordancewith 5. The Designer may advise the Founder for information purposes. The Customer will assume the cost of repairs. The Designer decides to either: - accept in present states, - repair and use the part, - scrap the part.

Subject to the conditions of his contract, the Designer will advise the Customer of the decisions taken orwill by agreement with the latter, find an acceptable solution. Acceptance of a non conformity by the Customer in no way discharges the Founder, the Manufacturer or the Designer from their respective responsibilities.

This guarantee englagesthe Designer, Manufacturerand Founder to carry out all necessary repairs s a soon as possible, by appropriate professional techniques defined by the CCH and procedures, and to ensure that the state of the repairedCasting meets the original specifications or, if such specifications have not been establishedto meet the professional Standard.

The Designer will not be allowed to impose more severe conditions to the Founder and the Manufacturer than the ones he has accepted himself. Founder, Designerand the Manufacturer and it will be essential to work in a sense of close cooperation to assure the required guarantee given. Usually, contracts fkx hydraulic machines require a guarantee covering a certain period of exploitation, after provisional reception of the installation, i.

Considering the diuersityof cases and types of exploitation, the duration of the guarantee must be subject to commercial negotiations betweenthe Customer and the Designer for each Order. Any request for application of the guarantee should be transmitted by the speediest means of communication as soon as a deviation has been discovered and subsequentlyonfirmed in writing.

The party concerned by a request for application of the guarantee will as soon as possible propose an adequate repair procedure, executethe repairs and, in case of need, furnish the necessary pieces. It goes without saying that the party ensuring the guarantee reserves right to view that the deviation the occurred. No repair will be effected without the agreement of the party considered responsible and only repairs which meet the instructions of this party will be carried out.

Any infringement of this regulation will leadto an annulment of any responsibility forthe other party. This method is generally limited to the inspection of finished Castings. It may howeverbe applied at earlier Stages, especially for theinspection of excavations.



The objective of CCH-3 is to give an unequivocal definition of the technical and general supply conditions for cast steel components used in hydraulic machines. It is therefore applicable for all items having at least one element in cast steel and constituing one part of a hydraulic machine. MT Magnetic Testing. CCH June The second edition took into account the accumulated experiences during the first years of use.


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