Ass cassa malattia dipendenti assicurativi italiani. Abbiamo deciso di porre alcune domande ad Efisio, che potete leggere qui di seguito. Nacque per caso nel Gli Agenti Unipol della Sardegna insieme alla Compagnia decisero di finanziare uno dei luoghi simbolo della nostra terra, la casa natia di Antonio Gramsci a Ghilarza, oggi sede di un museo, che allora aveva urgente bisogno di un restiling. Cosa direā€¦ Accettai con grande entusiasmo. Si fa sindacato per cercare di difendere e migliorare gli istituti che stanno a cuore alla propria categoria: la tutela del fondo pensione, i contratti C.

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All of them united with the aim of creating a new association that would break the old patterns and enter the market with a new approach. The approach intended to engage everyone from the insurance industry in dialogue and to include interlocutors as partners not as opposing parties. Anapa, with its attention to new dynamics of national and European insurance markets, was immediately ready to build a constructive and active dialog with the institutions. A dialog able to refine the position of an insurance agent and to preserve its etic and its social role.

It has become a benchmark for all Italian insurance agents and for those who believe in values of modern collaboration. It combines the professionalism of the traditional agency brokerage and the necessity of embracing new technologies and new methods of interacting with customers.

These are the basis on which ANAPA intends to adopt the system approach that regards all participants companies, intermediaries, customers as partners and to spread the culture of the insurance sector in Italy. Given a significant contribution of the Association of Agents Unipolsai to the project and to the unification process, it also becomes a member. From the beginning, the most differentiating element was to make the insurance companies play the coessential and complementary role in the Association.

As a matter of fact, their executives hold strategical tasks in executive and decision-making bodies. It also restores the authority to the industrial and union negotiations and to the Italian insurance agents as a professional association. The Association has always been at the forefront in the fight against the disintermediation in order to avoid what had already happened to the life insurance market; that is a substantial loss in favour of the Bancassurance and non-professional distribution channels.

The dialog was recently resumed including a new president of the Business Association. ANAPA is an association of professional insurance agents who dedicate their activity prevalently to consulting and insurance products placement.

The Association distinguishes itself for interacting with institutions according to the principle of partnership. According to this logic, the insurance companies represent a valued patrimony available to both single agent and the entire community. The companies are not seen as opposing parties but as business collaborates with whom to find solutions suitable for both enterprises and agents.

All the attempts have been in vain, as there was no action behind the intentions. We can mention the negotiations with ANIA, the relationships with political and surveillance institutions and common position on the matter of legislation and regulations. The maximum level of collaboration and synergy was reached in the negotiations with Trade Union Organisations that led to a signing of CBA [9] and also in the effort of protecting the Agents Retirement Fund from the financial crisis. It combines industrial negotiations of first and second level aiming at being a modern, forward-looking association and a leader of insurance agents in the digital age.

The Association pursues its aims drawing its inspiration from the principles of trust, honesty, transparency, confidentiality and neutrality. The centrality based on professionality, reliability and proximity to all customers.

These standards have been gathered in a specific Etic Code and approved, together with the deed of corporation, the statute and the regulations, at the constitutional assembly held in Bologna on 30 th of November Our country is not insured enough, especially in terms of supplementary Welfare insurance, catastrophic risks, social security and health insurance, all fundamental for the protection of both the individual and the collective in the spirit of the integration of public and private sectors.

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