Absolute Maximum Ratings -O. Conditions conditions should be selected so that operation is always within the folJowing ranges:. Indicates type for which. These radiation tolerances are achieved by special process controls imposed during wafer fabrication.

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Dedicated to experimental electro-acoustic and electronic music. Live at electro-music. The VCO Click Image to view fullscreen. Back to top. Otherwise, it's perfboard Only had the board and euro face plate kit last time I looked THONK is a great company to work with, plus they have tempcos in stock at a great price. Oops you posted as I did Fonik I yeald the floor to the man who knows. I would like to add that i guess the small mA PSU had fuses for it's Output voltages, if that's correct and furthermore if These where fast fuses they can affect the voltage at some minimal current changes I have experienced similar behaviour because i always put fuses on the Output of my PSU to protect it and my builds when i first power them up and start with small ones and once the cabinet is finished drop in a 2A slow 1,5 or 2A fuse One advice too before you connect your circuit to a PSU measure the resistance between gnd and both power rails, maybe turning the pot's that are connected to the power rails each direction once, so you can be highly sure that there is no short in your circuit and you have minimal chance to blow something up Sorry but, how is it called in english?

I attached a Yusynth drawing for the ARP filter to give an example i have the possiblity to etch my own PCB s at home, but obviously i'd need that drawing for the VCO, if it's available at all pcb. And you confirm there's none for the Thomas's VCO, like i feared. Never mind. Perfboard will do the job. Another question is, are the pulse-sawtooth-triangle-sine signal available at the same time? It seems like it would be easy enough to use maths and an extra op-amp to scale and offset the triangle and sawtooth.

After doing that will any change need to be made to the sine shaper circuit? I see in it two trimmers in the upper left section ,one of which does a lot, while the other simply sets the initial frequency 10 k and 1 k respectively thanks for any advice! Yusynth Keyboard.

This image has been reduced to fit the page. Click on it to enlarge. Hoping it works. Hi there! I couldn't find an answer in the search function, so I am throwing in the question here: I don't have the 2Nx types available, but some BC and C types instead. Now I am worried whether they would work anyways? Wikipedia lists them as more or less equivalent parts. Any one tried it out yet? Double check the data sheets!

As for the , if it's not CMOS it won't work right. Not sure the best way to ensure that. Thanks guys! Please support our site. If you click through and buy from our affiliate partners , we earn a small commission.


CD4003 Datasheet and CD4003 manual

Dedicated to experimental electro-acoustic and electronic music. Live at electro-music. The VCO Click Image to view fullscreen.


CD4009M/CD4009C Hex Buffers (Inverting ... - BSS elektronika





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