The safety regulations in workplaces, in research and development and quality control laboratories, emergency procedures in case of accidents, and first aid. The importance of tools used in the workplaces for work safety. The safe use of equipment and tools in the workplaces and safety precautions. To learn the vocational terms in English, reading a passage and translating it into English. To be able to write in English.

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Publication Date : January 28, Year , Volume 15 , Issue 53, Pages - Zotero Mendeley EndNote. Abstract en tr In today's market conditions where the competition has become intense and the brands have been increasing constantly, the enterprises emphasize more on their brands in the face of changing consumer demands.

The enterprises can influence the brand preferences of the consumers by increasing brand equity. The value of a brand includes not only the monetary value of the brand but the intangible values such as the attitudes, points of view of the consumers towards the brand.

Social media, which has gained momentum with the development of information technologies, is another important factor affecting the consumer brand preferences.

From this point of view, the aim of the study is to examine whether the relationships between social media engagement, brand equity, and brand preference in luxury clothing brands differ from the hedonic and utilitarian value-based purchasing approach. The study was conducted on consumers using luxury clothing brands aged 18 and over in Kocaeli. According to the findings, in luxury brands, the impact of social media engagement on brand awareness, perceived quality, brand image and brand loyalty does not differ by hedonic and utilitarian value.

The impact of brand awareness, brand image, perceived quality and brand loyalty on brand preference does not differ from the perspectives of hedonic and utilitarian value.

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