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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Page 3 CHFA series high performance universal inverter 6. Figure 4. Wire the terminal correctly for the desired purposes. Page 21 CHFA series high performance universal inverter EMC filter should be installed to minimize the leakage current caused by the cable and minimize the radio noise caused by the cables between the inverter and cable. Just see the following figure. In this case the DC buses of these two inverters can be connected in parallel so that the regenerated energy can be supplied to motors in driving status whenever it needs.

Page 23 CHFA series high performance universal inverter 4. Page 25 CHFA series high performance universal inverter Three necessary conditions or essentials of electromagnetic interference are: interference source, transmission channel and sensitive receiver. For customers, the solution of EMC problem is mainly in transmission channel because of the device attribute of disturbance source and receiver can not be changed. Page 26 CHFA series high performance universal inverter ground, and the other side should connect to the motor cover.

Installing an EMC filter can reduce the electromagnetic noise greatly. Normally it is 5 core wires, three of which are fire wires, one of which is the neutral wire, and one of which is the ground wire. Page 27 CHFA series high performance universal inverter Its value depends on distributed capacitances and carrier frequency of inverter. The over-ground leakage current, which is the current passing through the common ground wire, can not only flow into inverter system but also other devices. It also can make leakage current circuit breaker, relay or other devices malfunction.

Enter Key Progressively enter menu and confirm parameters. UP Increment Progressively increase data or function codes. When fault alarm, can be used to reset the inverter without any restriction. Determined by Function Code P7. Page Operation Process CHFA series high performance universal inverter Have 5 digit LED , which can display all kinds of monitoring data and alarm codes such as reference frequency, output frequency and so on.

Page 31 CHFA series high performance universal inverter This function code is not modifiable in running status, but modifiable in stop status. After fault reset, the inverter is at stand-by state. Modifying parameters in the shortcut menu has the same effect as doing at normal programming status.

CHF series inverter offers a variety of fault information. Function Setting Factory When the reference frequency is equal to the maximum frequency, the actual acceleration and deceleration time will be equal to actual setting.

When the reference frequency is less than the maximum frequency, the actual acceleration and deceleration time will be less than actual setting.

The following table is the relationship between power rating and carrier frequency. Page 43 CHFA series high performance universal inverter The starting frequency could be less than the lower frequency limit P0. Figure 6. If P1. The power rating of inverter should match the motor. If the bias is too big, the control performances of inverter will be deteriorated distinctly.

Reset P2. Page 50 CHFA series high performance universal inverter u Increase the proportional gain Kp as far as possible without creating oscillation. For more details about fine adjustment, please refer to description of P9 group. Under torque control model, output torque is limited by upper and lower frequency limit.

Notice: speed control and torque control can be switched by using multi-function input terminals. It is applicable for variable torque load, such as blower, pump and so on.

Please refer to following figure. This function is used to improve speed accuracy when operating with a load. When the running frequency is lower than P4. Page 56 CHFA series high performance universal inverter Setting Function Description value coasts to stop by its mechanical inertia.

Resets faults that have occurred. When this terminal takes effect, inverter decelerates to stop and save current status, such as PLC, traverse Pause running frequency and PID. Page 57 CHFA series high performance universal inverter Setting Function Description value reference 4 Multi-step speed Keep current step unchanged no matter what the input pause status of four multi-step speed terminals is.

Maximum Counter input pulse frequency: Hz. Running time ON: The accumulated running time of inverter reached When P7. Page 69 CHFA series high performance universal inverter If Bit is 0, the parameter will not be displayed; If Bit is 1, the parameter will be displayed. The display content corresponding to each bit of P7. The setting method is similar with P7. If both P8. Operation is prohibited within the skip frequency bandwidth, but changes during acceleration and deceleration are smooth without skip.

Center frequency CF is reference frequency. If function of output terminal is set as preset count reached, when the count value reaches preset count value P8. Inverter will clear the counter and restart counting. Page 78 CHFA series high performance universal inverter When the motor outputs rated torque, actual frequency drop is equal to P8. User can adjust this parameter from small to big gradually during commissioning.

The relation between load and output frequency is in the following figure. Reducing short-cycle oscillation If the oscillation cycle is short and oscillation occurs with a cycle approximately the same as the differential time setting, it means that the differential operation is strong. The oscillation will be reduced as the differential time is shortened. Page 84 CHFA series high performance universal inverter 0: Stop after one cycle: Inverter stops automatically as soon as it completes one cycle, and It needs run command to start again.

Otherwise it may cause inverter and motor overheat even damaged. Page 91 CHFA series high performance universal inverter rated power of motor.

For details, please refer to above figure. Page 93 CHFA series high performance universal inverter change; therefore, it is recommended not to enable the function when inverter needs to output stable frequency During auto current limiting process, if PB. If PB. It is prohibited for user to access. PIDE fault 2. PID feedback source Inspect disappears. Page CHFA series high performance universal inverter rectification bridge is burst out, ask for support.

If the light is off, the fault is mainly in the rectify bridge or the buffer resistor. If the light is on, the fault may be lies in the switching power supply. Speed and air flow 3. No abnormal heat. The drive should be powered for 5 hours without load. Then proceed insulation test to the ground. Insulation test of single main circuit terminal to ground is forbidden; Default: 8-E-1, bps. See Group PC parameter settings.

Command Bytes No. Data 0x01 0x03 0x02 0x00 0x00 0xB8 0x44 9. For RTU mode, the respond delay should be no less than 3. Page CHFA series high performance universal inverter same reason.

The description below is data format in RTU mode. Illegal data Some of the operation addresses are invalid or not allowed address. When there are invalid data in the message framed received by slave. Figure A-1 Dimensions Figure A Page A. Figure A-9 Safety space. Notice: Add the air deflector when apply the up-down installation. Figure A installation of small keypad. Figure A installation of big keypad A. Parallel connection of braking unit Figure B-3 Parallel connection of brake unit and inverter.

This manual is also suitable for: Chfa-0r7g-2 Chfa-1r5g-2 Chfa-2r2g-2 Chfag-2 Chfa-7r5g-2 Chfa-5r5g


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CHF100A series High Performance Universal Inverter


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