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Resumo sobre o caso de Kansas. Mensagem de Raymundo Heraldo Maues, professor do Depto. Eu nunca tinha feito isso antes, com outros alunos e outras turmas. Talvez fosse interessante se alguns outros colegas repetissem essa sondagem entre seus estudantes, inclusive aqueles dos cursos de biologia. Texto da revista New Scientist:. Don't mention Darwin.

But last week's adoption by the Kansas State Board of Education of a science curriculum largely purged of references to evolution has sent a chill down the spines of many scientists and teachers. In the past, creationists have argued that evolution by natural selection should be taught as just one theory for explaining the diversity of life, alongside biblical teachings.

The approach they adopted in Kansas marks a departure: rather than trying to get creation science accepted into the curriculum, they have sought to exclude references to evolutionary theory. State curriculum standards, set by elected boards of education, give teachers guidance on what they should cover. A proposed draft put to the Kansas board by biology teachers and scientists referred to natural selection, descent from common ancestors, the origins of life from nonliving biochemical processes and the cosmological evolution of the Universe.

While the standards don't prevent teachers from discussing evolution, many fear they will come under pressure not to do so. The new standards drop the statement: "Evolution by natural selection is a broad, unifying theoretical framework in biology. The role of natural selection in forming new species is not mentioned. Subtle additions bolster ideas favoured by creation scientists. For instance, the Mount St Helens eruption is mentioned to show that "at least some stratified rocks may have been laid down quickly"--an observation used by creationists to argue against accepted views of geological time.

Kansas is unique in the "thoroughness with which evolution and related concepts were expunged", says Molleen Matsumura of the National Center for Science Education in Berkeley, California. Although they're in a tiny minority, some researchers support the Kansas decision.

Janet Waugh, a member of the Kansas State Board of Education who voted against the new standards, fears that the state's children will do poorly on national standardised tests that include questions about evolution. I'll be anxious to see if there's a backlash. Whether or not the Kansas curriculum standards are eventually overturned, however, observers expect creationists to try the same strategy in other states.

From New Scientist, 21 August Subscribe to New Scientist.


História da criação no Gênesis

Consiste na ideia de que Deus criou o universo e os seres vivos de forma sobrenatural. Pode encontrar ajuda no WikiProjeto Catolicismo. Novembro de Creationism , Eugenie Scott , Niles Eldredge, p. New Dictionary of the History of Ideas.


Over the past few decades, a growing number of Protestant and Adventist communities has defended creationism in Brazil. This article aims to examine the identity matrices of this movement, its transformations over time and the influence of its discourse in society; in particular, in science and biology education. It is suggested that, to deal with this situation, practices that contribute to a better understanding of scientific activity and emphasize the importance of its approach in general education should be applied. This article also highlights the relevance of educational activities capable of promoting an environment of respect for other worldviews and of dealing with the knowledge transmitted by the view of estrangement, upsetting comfort zones. Entender as matrizes de ideias que influenciaram o protestantismo brasileiro envolve abordar suas origens norte-americanas. Como ressalta Ruse , p. Como destaca Armstrong , p.


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