Very proud to hear today that Data Springs, Inc modules especially Dynamic Forms have been very beneficial in executing fast implementation for a town in New York when they needed immediate data collection and workflow assistance due to the recent pandemic. If any other organizations medical, labs, municipal, first responders, data processing tackling COVID could benefit from our components, please connect with me, and Data Springs will offer them at no cost. A sad but happy farewell to Ryan Bakerink today as he Ryan has been with Data Springs, Inc for 10 years!!!! To be there from your college graduation, beautiful wedding, witnessing your family grow With his third son Owen born just a few weeks ago, this new position is helpful towards his career and family and I wish him nothing but the absolute best.

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Power and simplicity - All in a single module! Dynamic Forms has all the advanced features you need plus form building is still simple!

You can have your first form setup within a matter of minutes using the form setup wizard. When you are ready to use more advanced features, the features are there at your fingertips! Dynamic Forms allows you to easily create custom forms for your site. Creating new forms is easy and you can add as many forms as you'd like. Check out all of the many features below. Very nice module, gives complex options and great demonstrations to base your forms on!

The support team was great too! Helped us and answered very fast! I would recommend this module and company :. Top notch module.. It's even better when you use it in conjunction with their Registration and Report modules..

When you use a developer in conjunction with these modules it's almost endless to what you can do. Out of the box someone who is not a developer can get a lot done. Dynamic Forms 6. All of the labels for all of the fields in the control Panels are missing.

Can't reskin the site to make this app work. Buyer beware. Module is great. I have no problem with the module. But their support service has gone to toilet recently.

Couple years ago, their website, their support forum was fast responses and professionally. Now, their website and support forum is like a ghost town. Many unanswered questions. I always have to find workarounds as it just does not display according to the settings Absolutely the best forms module out there period.

When needed the support received on two different occasions once with Chad and once with Ryan B. Thanks for everything Gents! Using it heavily. This is a very powerful module that does what it says. You can design any form imaginable. The only negative and it's a biggie is that the user interface for the admin area is poorly designed there are so many options, that the options are poorly laid out , ugly and quirky.

When I say quirky, here is an example. However when you try this it does not act as you would expect. Not with this module. I have tried to drag questions around only to find they either don't move at all, or they move in a place that I don't expect. Also, when I begin dragging a question, the drag cursor for my mouse is not located where my mouse pointer actually is, it's a half a screen away.

Pretty good module but the backend is incredibly complex and difficult to figure out. I find several things very confusing, even after reading the documentation numerous times. Their support has been good though and they have helped me through several issues. For example, when it comes to aligning elements on a form, you can only do so much via the interface. Then you have to resort to CSS and in some cases, it is very difficult if not impossible, to make your form look exactly like you want across all browsers.

Great module! The Dynamic Panels allow me to hide and show sections based of previous questions. That along with SQL post events and more have me building all the complex forms that I could want. I could even give form development to non-development people if needed.

You can do alot with this module and it caters for for most forms, but i found it a bit slow to administer with a large form.. I had issues with the ajax enablement and had to end up writing my own custom tabs get the form to display correctly. This module is amazing. It allows me to do a huge amount of stuff with forms.

My only complaint is that I can't do batch operations, adding in 12 actions on post one at a time is pretty brutal. Customer support, quality, and usability are great. We are doing so much with this module that we could not do before. I did a lot of research when looking for the best out of the box forms module. My requirements are very high. Dynamic Forms from DataSprings was the only solution for me. The program's name Dynamic Forms is accurately named and gets the job done and doesn't have the limitations that most programs out there does.

Some basic optimization on the DB layer fixed the issue however it was me tinkering to fix these issues and not a product enhancement that solved it. I cannot recommend this product enough, it is brilliant and so flexible plus the support via the forum is so quick and good.

They really do listen to their users and take on board changes required and if you need something specific custom change then their prices are very reasonable for this. I have used a number of forms modules in the past for different projects and this one will be part of all my future projects. I highly recommend this product. I have tried several forms modules, but in general, they sacrifice ease-of-use for customizability.

This module, however, give me The developers seem to have taken into account how a form is actually used, and I was able to create a semi-complicated registration form within a couple of hours of installing the module. Good job, guys. This is a big time saver on complex forms, but I found it too buggy for enterprise applications.

In the past I have purchased several other Data Springs modules and had similar results. Most on the issues I have had in the past have been corrected in newer releases, but the developer does not offer free upgrade periods. Fantastic SQL intergration, creative question events and many great options for what happens when the user hits 'submit'. Not to mention great support via the forum and direct correspondence.

Keep up the great work! One of the best modules, if not THE best module on Snowcovered. Excellent support, great user guide, and a strong user interface.

I have been using Dynamic forms for many versions. Have always been extremely pleased with the functionality with this module! Please keep up the great work. Great product. Extremely flexible so far and I haven't run into anything I am not able to do. Great product with features being pushed to the edge. You can do everything you can with the form using this module. Fantastic support, our issues always get resolves within hours.

I am new to DotNetNuke and needed to create a site with a dynamic form. This product did everything I need. Their support is very thourough and fast. Their response to my question was better than same day, it was within the same hour!

I knew the product would do what i wanted, they just had to point me in the right direction. Absolutely fantastic product! I prefer this one to others that I've tried because it can use stored procedures for the underlying SQL instead of only views.

We were able to use this to create forms to write to our own custom set of tables outside of DNN. I did run into an issue with saving certain special characters because our app handles multiple languages but the datasprings guys have it fixed within a day. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing to create custom forms for their website. The problem turned out to be my fault and Chad helped me to resolve it and get things working.

I can honestly say that the support is just as good as the module This product comes with excellent features, good ease of use and exceptional technical support. Thanks Chad and Candace for all of your help and for never saying "it's not our problem.

There was just no need to look elsewhere. These guys were very responsive and did a fantastic job.


Dynamic Forms 7.0

Ask a Question. You are currently watching this product. Whether it's for marketing, sales, contact forms, scheduling, information requests, surveys, or to simply better understand your customer needs, the possibilities for creating powerfully effective forms are now easy and endless! It's loaded with user-friendly features and expanded admin controls for management, integration and data analysis. Power and simplicity -- all in a single module! Dynamic Forms has all the advanced features wrapped in form-building ease!


Data Springs, Inc. Releases Dynamic Forms 3.4 for DotNetNuke® on August 9, 2010

In this tutorial we provide a quick start guide for DataSprings Dynamic Forms module. The Dynamic Forms module is a very powerful module for quickly building forms and collecting data from the visitors on your website and it also allows you to quickly view and export the data into Excel files. I was unsure at first if DNNCreative would actually be of help and be worth the money. After watching 2 sets of videos all concerns where gone. It is allowing me to learn how to build websites without having to take expensive classes.

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