I went a few days ago and passed first go thankfully. Thanks for this page, it really helped! I think I got a questions wrong in each. I can't specifically remember what questions I got but there were hardly any statistics questions. I did however get that scenario where there were crazy hazards everywhere; it was ridiculous! Word of advice to anyone who is going for them

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As the Handbook content is directly assessable, it it vital you obtain and read the most recent version of the Handbook which can be found here. After the initial reading, revision can be difficult as the task of re-reading and revising the page Handbook is no mean feat.

As such, drivingtestnsw. The drivingtestnsw. As a result, the summary presents the required information in a far more accessible and memorable way, better enabling you to retain the information for the test. What's more, the summary condenses and synthesises the assessable material into a manageable page document - allowing for more frequent and effective revision.

Background Information. Understanding and Managing Risk. Hazard Perception. Check out the other resources available to help you pass the Driver Qualification Test and get your full unrestricted licence:. An online resource to help prepare you for the 4 NSW licensing tests. Studying to get your learner licence? Wondering what the HPT is like? Preparing for the practical driving test?

Getting ready for your full licence? There are two ways to to read the Driver Qualification Handbook Summary. Choose the most convenient method for your revision.

You can download a PDF to read on any device at your leisure: drivingtestnsw. Share this page with your friends so they can pass their next NSW driving test: Facebook. About drivingtestnsw. Click your next licence for resources.


Driver Qualification Handbook Summary

Well today I went to get my full license. I would like to outline the flaws to the tests and how to pass it. The first section has 15 multiple choice questions each with 4 choices. This section tests your knowledge on how to drive safely and of good driving practices e.


RMS (RTA) Driver Qualification Test (DQT)

The DQT is a computer-based test for provisional drivers who were issued with their P2 licence before 20 November New provisional P2 licence holders do not need to complete the Driver Qualification Test. Book a driver qualification test now. The DQT is a touch screen, computer-based test.

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