Its purpose-built design for data delivers the quality of service and carrier-grade availability that are essential for point-to-point wireless broadband services. The AirPair's integrated aerial and outdoor unit, along with its power over Ethernet, means that installers who previously were unable to offer products in the licensed microwave market can now supply it to enterprise customers. The device integrates an aerial and a climate-resistant outdoor unit, obtaining its electricity via an Ethernet-like cable. Other units require thick and expensive coax cable to connect the aerial with a mains-powered indoor unit, typically stored in a data room.

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DWR24 User Manual. Air Pair TM. System Product Manual. This page is intentionally left blank. This document contains confi dential information, which is proprietary to. No part of its contents can be used, copied, disclosed, or.

All Rights Reserved. Printed in. Dragon Wave Inc. Table of Contents. I CONS T RAPS List of Procedures. Procedure 4 - 2 Create Login Account Procedure 4 - 5 Setting the IP Address Procedure 6 - 2 Visually align the radios Procedure 6 - 3 Attaching the Modem to Mounting Bracket Procedure 6 - 5 Connect the power cable to the modem and the power pack Pr ocedure 6 - 6 Fine - adjust Align Radios Procedure 6 - 7 Perform a data test Procedure 7 - 2 Enable traps AirPair TM system.

Use t his manual to learn how to install and configure the. Figure 1 - 1. DragonWave AirPair Systems. This document refers to the following documents:. Sylvar and Jerry L. OET Bulletin. Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fi elds, Edition 97 - 01, August April 10, Amendment of Parts 2 and 15 of the. IEEE S tandard for saf ety. New York, NY. IEEE Standard Mounting Instructions for 1 ft, 1.

Mounting Instructions for 90 cm and cm. Version 1. The following icons appear in this manual and highlight areas of special interest. Cause Bodily Harm. Cause damage to equipment or service outage. Information or Note. Important Information. Safe ty and Regulatory Compliance. This section details safety issues and regulatory compliance. Safety Information. ANSI C Proper operation of this radio according to the instructions. The design of the high - gain mast mount antennas is such that professional.

It is the. For Canadian installations, the entire equipment installation must comply with. Canadian Standard CS A For installations in the United States, the entire equipment. Electrical Code. Lightning Protection. Protection Device that meets all applicable national safety requirements.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance. Electrocution Hazard. This product is intended to be connected to a — 48v dc power source supplied by. DragonWave Inc. Do not install DragonWave products near any. Should your antenna or related hardware come in contact with. Regulatory Compliance Information. This section contains information regarding regulatory compliance with the. Federal Communication Commission, Department of Communications and the.

Federal Communication Commission Declaration of Conformity. Operation is subject to the. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits of a Class B. These limits are designed to. This equipment generates and can radiate radio - frequency energy. However, there is no guarantee. If this equipment does.

Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsib le. The Part 15 radio device operates on a non -. Any changes or modification to said. Professional Installation. As per the recommendation of the FCC, the installation of high - gain directional. Power EIRP , requires professional installation.

It is the responsibility of the. Systems operating as a point - to - multipoint system or using non - directional. This section desc ribes the warranty. General Terms. Sale apply to the Warranty. Warranty will ensure uninterrupted or error - free operation of the. DragonWave I nc. This warranty is available only once in respect of each licensed software. The Customer.

Return of Equipment Under Warranty. If a returned item is replaced. Canada by carrier and method of delivery chosen by DragonWave Inc. Default and Termination.

Violation of copyright shall include, but not be. Equipment except as expressly permitted by written consent from.

Warranty without the written consent of DragonWave Inc. Becomes bankrupt or insolvent, or is put into receivership;. Has not paid DragonWave Inc. Equipment, services or other additio nal charges within. Force Majeure. Conditions of Sale becomes commercially impractical due to any.

In no event of.


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