Quick Links. Table of Contents. How to install, operate and maintain your. System tested and certified by NSF International. See performance data sheet for details.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Premier demand automatic water conditioner with high-flow 1" valve 32 pages. Paul MN Page 3: Table Of Contents Also inspect and note any Installation 9 -- 12 damage to the shipping carton. Notify the trans- portation company if damage is present.

EcoWater Programming Faceplate Timer 13 -- 14 is not responsible for in--transit damages. It generally contains from 3 to gpg. It is one of Hard water affects living in general. Hardness miner- the basic commodities of life.

That water is best as als combine with soap to make a soap curd. In can also damage and cause premature or ferrous form that will not filter or exchange out of failure of seals, diaphragms, etc. Page 7: Planning Installation The following special valve, , or a 3 valve bypass system.

By- fittings are available from EcoWater. Be sure to pass valves allow you to turn off water to the soft- comply with all local plumbing codes. An optional drain fit- ting, part no. Page Installation 3. When installing valve ports Figure 6B. To prevent excessive air pressure in the softener and plumbing system, do the following steps EX- a. Set Days Between Recharge E. Set Recharge Time 1. The timer default is set to recharge at AM.

Conditioned water exits the The softener is filled with a man-made resin material, resin tank through the bottom distributor, flows up called the resin bed. To make brine, water is needed in the brine tank salt storage area. A controlled water The faceplate timer determines when a regenera- flow to the brine tank takes place during fill.

Water con In backwash, a fast upward Page Service Information Remove the brine tank cover and check the salt stor- the softener to work properly. This small unit creates age level frequently. If the EcoWater conditioner the suction to move brine from the brine tank, into uses all the salt before you refill it, you will get hard the resin tank.

Page 22 Use resin bed board measurement. Refer to page 25 for this infor- cleaner, available from EcoWater, following direc- mation.

Clean the resin every Put bypass valve s in bypass position. Do Manual Advance step 1 -- 2, page 24 fill water to brine tank will depressurize the for service resin tank. Press the DOWN keypad to display the number of regenerations initiated by this face plate since the model code number was entered. Partially restricted valve drain hose, top distribu- 1. Print page 1 Print document 33 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up!

Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Tech Tips Corner

Please enter the following information to learn more about how EcoWater can improve the water in your home. Although an EcoWater dealer does not support your area currently, we are happy to assist you with an alternative solution. You can order, with free shipping, a top name-brand filtration or softener system by shopping at EcoPureHome. Any installation services below can then assist with installation, or you can simply install the system yourself.


EcoWater Systems 7243748 Water Conditioner User Manual cover

PO Box , St. Paul MN EcoW ater Systems conditioner m odels R70 and. R50S ar e shipped from the factor y i n two c artons. EcoW ater System s conditioner s, model s R20, R The car ton also inc ludes a skin pac k of sm all. Thor oughly check the EcoWater System s condition-.


EcoWater ECWS Owner's Manual



EcoWater 7283560 Owner's Manual


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