We are all well known that a Microcontroller is a compressed micro computer manufactured to control the functions of embedded systems in office machines, robots, home appliances, motor vehicles and a number of other gadgets. On the other hand, we are also well aware about one of the most using microcontrollers — Microcontroller. It is an 8-bit family microcontroller and is widely used in various devices because it is easy to integrate into a project or build a device around. It is mainly used in energy management, touch screens, automobiles, medical devices, etc. As a result, many electronics engineering students are trying to do their final year projects based on microcontroller. So, here we are listing out various Microcontroller Projects which are all collected from different sources and will give a better idea to you in choosing best project in your final year.

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A lot of water level controller projects have been published in this website but this is the first one based on a microcontroller. The pump is not allowed to start if the water level in the sump tank is low and also the pump is switched OFF when the level inside the sump tank goes low during a pumping cycle. The project kit is a modified version of the project shown above.

This Water Level Controller project kit uses 4 float switches to measure water level. The status of water level in the tank and status of the motor is displayed using an LCD module. This system monitors the water level of the tank and automatically switches ON the motor whenever tank is empty. The use of float switches makes the circuit rugged and ensures a maintenance free operation over a very long period of time. The project kit is available in plug and play form and do it yourself form.

A mains transformer is also available with the kit and it is not shown in the figure below. The level sensor probes for the overhead tank are interfaced to the port 2 of the microcontroller through transistors. Have a look at the sensor probe arrangement for the overhead tank in Fig1. A positive voltage supply probe goes to the down bottom of the tank. Consider the topmost full level probe, its other end is connected to the base of transistor Q4 through resistor R Whenever water rises to the full level current flows into the base of transistor Q4 which makes it ON and so its collector voltage goes low.

The collector of Q4 is connected to P2. When water level goes below the full level probe, the base of Q2 becomes open making it OFF. Now its collector voltage goes high and high at P2. All these port pin are high all sensor probes are open means the tank is empty.

Port pin P0. When ever it is required start pumping, the controller makes P0. LED D7 is the low sump indicator. When the water level in the sump tank goes low, the controller makes P0. The circuit diagram of the water level controller is shown in the figure below. Moisture Sensing Automatic Plant Watering System — is an interesting project for hobbyists and students alike. Can you please tell me the name of all the components that are used to build water level indicator using microcontroller? I am going to prepare a project over this topic so kindly tell me as soon as possible.

I highly need instructions about this. Waiting for your replay. Sir i do automatic water level controller Using at89s52 as per ur circuite but program is not working,Please help me and send me correct program. Please send me correct program for automatic water level control using AT89S Sir i want to do automatic water level controller Using at89s51 Please help me and send me program. Just me going through the diagram thought to myself that it could be useful to get a list of components with exact details, am new to it so quite challenging that is for me now, for example that X1 is And one more thing, does the relay has to be ohms?

Sir, I constructed this circuit and its working fine. And which is better, using a transformer or a smps power supply along with voltage regulator? I using reads Why that program is not correct? Can anyone plzz send me the correct program file for this project because given program is not working.

Thanks, Hiren. But i have some doubt. How to program my microcontroller plz rly answer. This is open drain configuration? Can anyone plzz send me the c language program of this water level project as i hav to merge it to control gate. Sir, this project is nice,I want to make it as a hobby project.. We are interested in doing this project on water level indicator using micro controller…Sir can u please send further details and much more information about this very topic.

I am very surprised with your circuit posted; but how we can change the programming language used here to c-language program? Sir,can you give more detail about circuit diagram and how should we connect motor.

Thank you very much please. I wanna make automatic water level controller. Hi ……I need ful information ab water level controller using ….. I m very new to the concept of microprocesormand microcontroller. Thank u. Pls attach a document on this project and send to me am ready to pay. I want to do it in my final year project. Pls apart from d code modification, wht other modification did u do?

Sir, Can u please send me a detailed report on this project… i would like to undertake this project…. Please explain the principle of sensing the water level at various level. Respected sir, This circuit is very very good but i want to use this circuit with main water line when the water is available in a line.

Best Regards M. So if you give me hex file for the same ckt than it will helpful to me. Thank you. Hi, this water level circuit is very good. Months ago, i tried this kind of concept, which senses the water level and controls the motor etc, the prototype worked very well, but the reason i ceased the actual implementation of the prototype was that i had a doubt about the risk of electric shock!!! When i googled about the minimum current that can be fatal, the results were shocking as well!

So please, guide me through this. I am a beginer so help me. We have lots of time constraints! I will definitely write an article on how to use MIDE You just try reading it again and again after having a good understanding of the instructions used.

You can consider replacing the AT89S51 from Atmel microcontroller we have used in the circuit with other controllers of similar architecture — say AT89c52 or some other controllers. The controller must be compatible with MCS instruction set too. You will also have to rewrite the codes based on PIC instruction set.

Your doubts are not that clear! Can you be more specific? You can make the hex code yourself using a compiler software — like MIDE I am a new user. Can you please assist with the one you have already programmed and worked for you? You can reach me via my email. My email address is engeorgekkll yahoo. Its simple and easy…. If i use IO card for input to the circuit or check the conditions then which type of IO card i should use i.

Its possible to use an LCD display for the purpose, You need to modify the program accordingly. Sir, i have no problem to use LCD for display the water level of tank i know its interfacing as well as programing with controller.

Is i am thinking right please tell me. I real like this project. I want to conect this circuit to the screan for display will u tell me how should i coentct it. Great, What is that component,X1 Please also assist me on how to instal program in an IC. If need be,you can use my email.

Most obliged. You may refer data sheets of AT89S51 and to know differences between both. I would recommend to buy AT89S51 because you can use it for a wide variety of applications compared to X1 is a crystal , it is used for generating the clock pulse for AT89S51 is one specific IC belonging to this family.

Go through the datasheets of these ICs for better understanding. AND YA u may forgot to connect all 2. Your approach will also work, but the transistor interface between port 2 and the sensor probes should be modified so that the corresponding input port pin become high when the water touches the corresponding probe.

But bro i as we connected the sensor to pin P2. I think u may be able to understand what i want to explain we.


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