Quick Links. Table of Contents. Basic Copying, Printing, and Scanning. Open the paper support and output tray, then slide out the extensions. Flip the feeder guard forward. Then slide the left edge guide to the left.

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Page Count: Basic Copyi ng, Pr inting, and Sc anning. Solv ing Probl em s. Loading Paper. Copying a Photo or Document. Placing th e Origi nal on th e Glass. Compatible Cards and Image Formats. Inserting the Card. Printing an Index Sheet to Select Photos. Printing From a Digital Camera. Printing From Your Computer. Printing in Windows. Using Special Papers. Scanning a Photo or Document. Basic Scanning. Restor ing C olor in Fa ded Ph otos.

Chec king the Print He ad Nozzles and Ink. Cleaning the Print Head. Replacing Ink Cartridges. Solving Problems. Error Indi cator s. Probl ems and S olution s. Wher e To Ge t Help. Introduction 3. CX S erie s all-in-one as d escri bed on the Start Here sheet, turn here to:. This book tells you ho w to do most of th ese things without ever turning on your. Of cou rse you r Eps on Stylus CX ca n do l ots mo re whe n yo u co nne ct it. F o r additional instructions, see the.

Please follo w thes e guideline s as you r ead your Ep son S tylus CX instructions :. W arnings must be f ollo w ed care fully t o av oid bodily in jury. Cautions must be observed to av o id dama ge to y our e quipment. Notes contain impor tant info rmatio n abou t you r Epso n Stylus CX. Tips c ontain hints f or bet ter cop ying, scan ning, and prin ting.

F ollow the ste ps h ere to load pa per in you r. Epson S tylus CX all-in-one. Open the paper support and outp ut tray ,. Flip the feeder guard for ward.

Then slid e. Insert the pap er , pr intable side up, against the right ed ge guide. Always load it. The printable side is often whiter or brighter than the other side. Loading Paper 5. Y ou can l oad up to sheets of plain paper and up to 20 sheets of photo.

The type of pap er yo u c hoose af fec ts the w ay y our printout looks, s o be sure to. If y ou are just ma king a cop y or prin ting a. P aper. See page 25 f or more i nf ormatio n. S lide t he left edge guide agains t the left edge of the paper but not too tightly. Then flip the feeder guard back. Make su re the pape r thick ness lever is set down to th e m L positi on. F ollow the in stru ctio ns in th is secti on t o:. Placing the Origin al on the Gl ass. Open the document co ver and place y our original face-do wn on the glass, in.

M ov e your or igin al about 0. Ne ver open th e docume nt co ver bey ond where it stops a nd do not place hea vy. Move the original about 0. Copying a Photo or Doc ument 7. If you need to copy or scan a thick or large do cument, you can re move the.

Ju st ope n it and pul l it stra ight up. If you need to press the document flat while you copy or scan it, do not press too. Do not use e x cessiv e force on the do cumen t co ve r , and do no t twist it. When you are done, replace the document cover by inser ting the tabs back into. Y ou can make copies using either letter-siz e 8. Ma ke sur e the E pson S tylus CX is tu rned on. Place the document o n the glass as desc ribed on. Be sure to close the document co ver. Load up to sheets of letter-size plain paper.

Se e page 4 if you ne ed instruct ions. P ress the Copy button until you see the desired. T o make more than 9 copies, see page P ress the paper type button to select Plain Paper. The light in dicates w hich ty pe is selecte d. P ress the paper si ze button to sele ct Letter. If y ou want y our copi es automatical ly red uced or. Fit to Page button.

T o make a color copy , press the x Start Color. T o make a black and white copy , press the. The P On light flashes and after a moment the Epson. S tylus CX starts pr inting. If y ou need to st op copyi ng at any time , just pr ess th e y Stop button. Do not p ull. The copies ma y not be exa ctly the s ame siz e as the origina l. Copying a Photo or Doc ument 9.

Place the photo on the glass as describe d on page 6. Be sur e to clo se the docume nt co ver. P ress the Copy button until you see the correct. P ress the paper type button to select Photo Paper. If y ou want bor derless photos p rinted without a. Other wise, photo s are printed w ith a. Making 10 or More Copies. Place the photo on th e glass as descri bed on page 6. Be sure to close the. This tel ls the. Epso n Styl us CX to print up to copies. Load enough p aper for th e num ber of copi es up t o y ou want to make.

F or example, to pri nt 12 copies, load 12 she ets of pape r. P ress the paper type button to select Plain Paper or Photo Paper. The Epson S tylus CX makes copies until it runs out of paper. The n the red.


Epson Stylus CX4200 User Manual

Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above - Print the manual. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. Slide the left edge guide to the left.


Epson Stylus Cx4200 Users Manual Series/CX4800 Series Quick Guide


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