There are also licensed editions in other languages available. If you want to know whether one of our books has been translated into a certain language, please have a look at Licensed editions. There you will find the contact address for orders. Please note that the licensed editions cannot be ordered at our company. Language: English "Modern Automotive Technology" is a standard work covering the subject of automotive technology. This second English edition is based on the 30th German edition titled "Fachkunde Kraftfahrzeugtechnik".

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Language: English "Modern Automotive Technology" is a standard work covering the subject of automotive technology. This second English edition is based on the 30th German edition titled "Fachkunde Kraftfahrzeugtechnik". The work is admirably suited for automobile engineering apprentices, but is also useful for fitters, master craftsmen and technicians as a reference work.

Among the contents: Motor vehicle; Basics of information technology; Open- and closed-loop control technology; Test technology; Production engineering; Material science; Friction, lubrication, bearings, seals; Design and operating principle of a four-stroke engine; Mechanical engine components; Mixture formation; Two-stroke spark-ignition engine, rotary engine; Drivetrain; Vehicle body; Chassis; Electrical engineering; Comfort and convenience technology; Motorcycle technology; Commercial vehicle technology.

The CD includes all illustrations found in the book. Language: English This workbook with numerous illustrations is a supplement to Modern Automotive Technology. Working his way through the worksheets, the apprentice learns to appreciate and describe vehicle specific technology in its context. Topics: Service - Maintaining and inspecting vehicles and systems according to specifications. Repairs - Checking, disassembling, exchanging and assembling simple components and systems.

Diagnosis - Identify and eliminate malfunctions. Conversions and Retrofits - Performing customer-driven conversions. Solutions are available on CD ordering no.

Language: English This successful school and professional textbook contains the basic principles needed for the whole field of metal technology and also the more advanced knowledge in the area of industrial mechanical engineering, the mechanical engineering professions tradesmen and mechanical cutting.

As a result "Metal Engineering" is ideal for use not only in vocational schools but also in technical colleges, polytechnics, technical grammar schools and schools for master craftspeople. The book is also a useful reference book for masters and other fully-qualified personnel, to extend their knowledge of the subject even further. It is well-suited for shop reference, tooling, machine building, maintenance and as a general book of knowledge.

It is also useful for educational purposes, especially in practical work or curricula, continuing education programs. The contents of this book include tables and formulae in eight chapters. The tables contain the most important guidelines, designs, types, dimensions and standard values for their subject areas. Language: English This volume covers vocational and advanced training and education in the field of Electrical Engineering and Electronics.

It provides basic knowledge of the entire field and expert knowhow in such vocations as electrician, power electronics specialists for industrial systems and building services systems engineers, and electrical machine construction specialists, general electricians and technicians for electromechanical equipment.

Furthermore, the book provides solid fundamentals for all other vocations in the area of electrical engineering and electronics. It serves as a primary reference work for technicians and master.

Language: English The book "Tabellenbuch Elektrotechnik" is an indispensable reference book for teaching and professional practice. In spite of its wealth of material, this book is characterised by its clear and understandable presentation. Easy handling of the book is ensured by the thumb register and the extensive glossary.

Among the contents: materials, connecting technology, environmental technology, technical communication, electrical systems, control systems, electric motors, digital technology, computer technology, components, modules, measurement, mathematics, physics, circuit theory, costs.

In addition to the specialist text, it also contains exercises for understanding by reading and listening, matching exercises, mediation tasks, opportunities for discussion and dialogue but no special grammar exercises. Language: English A text and workbook for civil engineering students at technical colleges and universities that wish to expand their general English knowledge with professional terminology, primarily from the field of civil engineering and related branches The book is suitable both for self-study as well as for seminar work thanks to the vocabulary lists and the proposed solutions provided.

Language: English This practically-orientated textbook about pipe systems technology is tailored to training courses in the field of chemical production and processing and to courses in the chemicals industry to permit chemical technicians with practical experience, industrial masters in chemistry, process technicians and plant and industrial engineers to deepen their specialist knowledge.

The enclosed CD contains the Pipe Systems Technology module with visual presentation of the techniques and processes described in the book. Language: English "Clothing Technology" has been thoroughly revised. It is designed for specialists in the clothing industry: sewers, finishers, cutters and men's and women's tailors.

But it can also be used in master courses or engineer courses, design colleges, polytechnics and in the textile trade, either as course book or as a work of reference. Thanks to the compact layout, a complete topic can be covered on one single page and the many colourful illustrations make even the most demanding information readily understandable. We have paid great attention to a clear presentation of the text and to lucid explanations.

Language: English This textbook is for trainees and students of clothing and design. Depending on the knowledge they already possess, the chapters can be worked through independently of one another. This book is designed for teaching the following subjects: technology, technical drawing, the history of design and costume, realisation, fashion illustration and general design. It can also be used for learning field teaching. It is suitable for English lessons in professional colleges or for self-study as it has answers to all questions.

Professions: Tailor, textiles and clothing. Language: English A didactic representation of the human bones, joints and ligaments on index cards. Language: English "Technical English Basics" is intended for all trainees in industrial technical professions. Building on basic knowledge of the English language, this textbook and workbook teaches technical English in fundamental and job-specific subjects.

Particular attention is paid to the important areas of metal, automobile, electrical, computer, construction and environmental engineering. The book contains texts and dialogues with professional relevance, with basic and vocationally specific vocabulary. Numerous exercises reinforce the learning process. Language: English This textbook on physics recommends a slightly unusual but very consequent and straightforward way into this horrible field of science.

Soon one encounters formulae. But the given detailed explanation of each symbol and sign rests on the pictures and perceptions known to everyone from daily life - no experiments, no computer, no videos. Imagination saves time. The material is based on lectures held for students in their first year 12 times at University of Hannover, Germany.

The book is divided into four parts. Chapter 3 on Newtonian Mechanics and chapter 11 on Maxwellian Electrodynamics are the center of the first and second part, respectively.

The two chapters in part 3 try to introduce Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics starting again from everyday life each. Part 4 consists of 78 exercises, each with a sparse clue to the solution. The main text refers to them. Making every effort with these exercises is basic to this course. Trust yourself! Our titles in English language. Select field. Englische Titel. Look inside. Edition Preis inkl. MwSt, zzgl. Metal Engineering Textbook Europa-No. Electrical Engineering Textbook Europa-No.

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