The feature for automatic and programmable heating saves you valuable time. Get started straight away: the digestion block is preheated and waits for your samples. The laser-engraved numbering of the sample rack prevents mix-ups. And even at the busiest of times, you can set off quickly and safely and get reproducible results by using one of the 30 predefined standard methods. The optional EcoKit reduces the cooling time of your samples to less than 15 minutes. Depending on the instrument, this lets you process up to 40 additional samples per day.

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The nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl is still the standard method to determine the nitrogen or protein content in sample material. Although developed in , the method is regarded as a reference method in many countries due to its versatility, simplicity and accuracy. The nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl makes it possible to determine the N content in a wide range of samples from the food industry , environmental sector , chemical industry or even the agriculture.

The digestion systems are versatile and can be used beyond the classical Kjeldahl analysis and can be customized with special modifications for the determination of cyanide , COD chemical oxygen demand and trace metal digestion. The successor models KT and KT-L for up to 40 simultaneous Kjeldahl digestions replace the proven digestion system KB and convince with unique product characteristics and functions.

View Product. Combined apparatus for classic, manual nitrogen determination using the Kjeldahl method. The space-saving alternative to two individual pieces of equipment. Sturdy design in tried and tested C. Gerhardt quality. Apparatus for classic, manual Kjeldahl digestion processes with tried and tested C. Serial heating unit with 6 individually adjustable heaters. For determining the chemical oxygen demand, e.

For determining the acid-soluble proportion of metals in sewage sludges, sediments and soils with aqua regia, e. Digestion apparatus specifically developed for the decomposition and purging of water and soil samples for the determination of easily released cyanides and total cyanide, as well as other volatile gases.

Contact form. More information? Digestion equipment for Kjeldahl. Classic digestion and distillation apparatus. Classic digestion apparatus. COD digestion unit. Trace metal digestion unit. Cyanide equipment.


Digestion equipment for Kjeldahl



Kjeldahl block digestion for the high-throughput lab




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