The PDF have been setup in such a way that if you print it with pages on each side. The information of. Also, this will. I would like to start with Gung ji since it is a pillar form and. The version I study is the one taught by Sifu Wing Lam. Yours may be different.

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Preliminary Exercise, Basic techniques, Fighting Methods.. Preliminary Exercise fig. Basic techniques fig. Fighting Methods fig. When the news about the Japanese seizure of some towns reached the Qing Government, it was terrified and sent the Chinese troops there to take back the island, but the Chinese army suffered defeat one after another. Military commanders of different ranks were not able to drive the Japanese away. After that a detachment of monks from the Shaolin Monastery in Fujian province came to Taiwan.

They, full of audacity and. The Japanese suffered a defeat and retreated. Taiwan was liberated. Shaolin monks engaged in a fight with Japanese invaders. Gallery of wooden sculptures at the Shaolin Monastery.

The Qing Government rejoiced over the victory and intended to grant various titles and posts to the most courageous monks. However, the unworldly monks did not accept granted posts, so they were awarded with land allotments to grow rice and with other valuable presents. The Qing bureaucracy thought that if there were such outstanding persons in the Shaolin Monastery, they might be dangerous for the Emperor Palace. If anti-Qing feelings become strong among the monks, it could be very harmful.

The Qing Government sent to the monks grain and presents. At the same time some people sent by the government secretly brought to the walls of the monastery a lot of straw. One night broke out a fire that completely ruined the Southern Shaolin Monastery.

There he Ruins of legendary Southern Shaolin at present. The most outstanding among his disciples was Luk Ah Choy, a monk who made a great success in learning.

In the years under the motto of Guangxu he won a contest and was nominated for a post of jingxun daqishou something like an official person responsible for flood prevention. He served under the assistant of the governor of Fujian province Tang Jinsong.

Wong Fei Hung. At that time riots of common people started in Fujien. The people of this province demanded that Tang should become the head of a democratic state and Wong Fei Hung - the commander-in-chief. That news made Li Hongzhang become the commander of the government army numbering several thousands of men to suppress the riots. Tang Jinsong could not resist such a large force and decided to hide after shaving his moustache and beard.

Wong Fei Hung followed Tang. Both of them took a flight to Guangzhou Canton. He lived in solitude there, he did not seek any posts and did not hand down his superb skills to outsiders. This book will help to reach the mastership in Fighting Arts that are not simple to understand. It has been written with the aim of handing down the knowledge to disciples who are eager to find tutors and expect to receive instructions.

Chi lowers to Dantien and from there it spreads to four limbs. The four limbs are heart, feet, ears and eyes. The heart Spirit in conjunction with a thought an Intention reaches the feet, after it a state of fullness with Chi energy is attained. The heart feels a presentiment, the eyes see everything around, the ears hear sounds from eight sides. The breath-Chi moves down and reaches Comments: The Shaolin school of the control of breath-Chi, known to the center of a foot, it also move up and the western reader as Chi Kung, or reaches the top of Kunlun mountain i.

The law of Cinnabar Field is should keep union with the heart, the base of breathing exercises and the the heart must be in union with the force originating from the Cinnabar mind and the mind should guide the Field is as strong as the tiger.

Shaolin Qi Gong. Zhangzhou, However, the enemy can do a false movement to conceal his true intentions, therefore it is necessary to tell the true from the false and to react only to a real attack. Comments: This position is the initial position for the next technique and has no independent meaning, therefore the author describes one of the alternatives for fighting use Cutting palms here see fig.

It is specially stressed that you should be on your guard when you conduct a grip, as with a false thrust the enemy can put you into a dangerous situation. I step aside and turn my side to the enemy. Each time, when dodging an attack and defending the sides, one should draw rein, that is to keep the elbows near sides.

Dodge enemys blows, otherwise you will find the ignominious death. Comments: A fighting use of the Cutting palms with a displacement of the attack line is described here, while in TAOLU this technique is carried out in an initial stance feet close to each other.

I should pull up my clenched fists from my shoulders, then I move my elbows aside and do a cutting movement down. By doing it I free myself from a clench of the enemy who suddenly attacked me from behind. Comments: From the position "The cutting palms" fig. This phase of conducting the technique is shown in fig. Then, by sending force to the arms you jerk fists up.

It is a cutting movement with elbows from up to down. In the final position the elbows are pressed to sides, the fists are on the shoulder level, with the palm centers facing the front.

Do the method Three Openings by three wing flaps of the Fighting Cock. Than The Fighting Cock spreads its wings, that is a piercing blow with your palms asides. The enemy delivers a straight blow at my head. Comments: Three openings is one of the most important basic techniques of Hung Gar style inherited from the Southern Shaolin.

The Shaolin Treatises on Fighting Arts say: It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that the mind would guide the breath-Chi and the breath-Chi should act in unity with the physical force Li. The breath-Chi must strengthen the physical force Li and the force Li must guide the breath Chi.

This, in outward appearance, a simple exercise is aimed at training the said cooperation. The fingers are in a position, as shown in fig. The initial position: the palms on the shoulder level, elbows are lowered on sides. Take a sharp breath-in through the mouth and close Chi, i. This movement should be accompanied with a slow strained exhalation through the nose. Just imagine that you are in a narrow cleft and where you are trying to move aside cliffs.

This is called The thought leads Chi. Then sharply breath in and quickly return your arms to the initial position. After the third turn the hands are opened from the initial position to the position palm and are lowered with a quick movement on sides to the waist.

Then, without stopping, strike a piercing blow to sides with tips of your fingers, as shown in fig. This is the technique Fighting Cock spreads its Wings. When training the method Four fingers support the sky, direct the force to the end of your fingers.

Comments: This position has no direct practical use; however, like the technique Three openings, it is a part of treasury of methods of Hard Chi Kung of Hung Gar style. An obligatory condition of its execution: four fingers are completely straightened and are spread apart with force, the thumb is perpendicular to the plane of a palm. This exercise develops all sinews of the forearm and strengthens fingers. The Tiger style of the Southern Shaolin, which served as a base for the creation of this TAOLU and the formation the technique Hung Gar as a whole, includes a great number of blows with tigers claws, fingers, as well as grips.

Therefore, strengthening of fingers tips is of great importance here. Comments: The positions in fig. The text to fig. If the breast is filled, i. Comments: Here a characteristic feature of the Traditional Kung Fu is stressed: in any situation one must be on his guard, not allow to be taken by surprise. Even at the moment of a greeting one should be ready to repel a sudden attack. Further is considered alternative way of actions from the position in fig.

At the same time deliver a blow from up to down to the enemys head, breast, or the enemys caught arm with the back of your right fist and the outer side of a forearm. Comments: If the enemy attacks with the palms "butterflies", you also meet him with your palms "butterflies" to deflect his blows outside.

But the enemy, trying to "entangle" your arms and to engage you in a close fight, exerts pressure to your arms from outside to inside. In this case, it is necessary to.

Thus, you use enemy's force against him. Then you strike at the gap which has appeared. All movements are done at once, as the outcome in a close fight is determined during a few seconds.

Those are important things in the Horse Stance. So I repulse his attack. It was believed earlier that if a learner cannot stand in this stance, at least, twenty minutes, there is no sense. Masters were able to stand in the stance of MA for several hours. Here is given one of the versions of the low stance in a fight. The enemy attacks me with a fist at the middle level. Comments: A blow is delivered on the enemy's face with the tips of fingers, the arms are slightly bent, the elbows are parted outside.

Comments: Fig.


Shaolin Hung Gar Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen DVD by Martin Sewer

Preliminary Exercise, Basic techniques, Fighting Methods.. Preliminary Exercise fig. Basic techniques fig. Fighting Methods fig.


Hung Gar Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen Form

It dates all the way back to the Sil Lum Shoalin Temple. It was developed by one of the five elders of the temple, Gee Sin Sim See. He developed this set into two parts, Gung Gee and Fook Fu. He said you did not need anything else other then this set to master Hung Gar. This set starts out in an I pattern with much emphasis placed on strong stance work. It takes the student down a mystical path of discovery and self awareness, making the student seek in every nook and corner of this set for the secrets it holds.

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