With the release of the BlackBerry Bold last week and the excellent Nokia E71 before that, other manufacturers of email phones are going to have their work cut out to keep up. It's easy enough, it seems, to cram in the features these days, but both RIM and Nokia manage to combine that feat with excellent ergonomics, design, ease of use and battery life. So it was with some trepidation that we tackled HP's latest effort - the c Business Messenger. At first glance it's very similar to the Bold and E71, with its Qwerty keyboard and candybar form factor. And it's rammed with about as many features as those two devices as well. It has a three-megapixel camera on its rear with an LED flash and portrait mirror.

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Offering width over height, it's easier to view web pages and documents, and it's more than bright enough for use in all conditions. The keypad is particularly good for a handset of this size. The keys are big enough to type at speed without fear of mistakes, and the provision of dedicated buttons for basic punctuation marks makes it much easier and less time-consuming to write emails.

The most intuitive is the four-way directional pad in the centre of the handset, and there are large shortcut buttons on both sides. You'll also be able to control the iPAQ using a wheel on the right-hand side, or with the touchscreen and stylus.

Bluetooth is also included. Along with the bundled Google Maps software, it turns the iPAQ into a handy satellite navigation device. Other features include a 3-megapixel camera. Photographs were detailed, if a little muted in colour. You'll also be able to slot in a Micro-SD card.

Located on the right side of the iPAQ, it's easy to swap cards without having to turn off the handset or remove the battery. The unit we had was a preproduction sample, however, and HP was keen to point out it's not representative of production models. With great connectivity backed by equally impressive usability, it's the ideal tool for those constantly on the road. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

Home Reviews. Our Verdict Let down by a poor battery, but other than that this is a well-specced and user friendly phone. Against Disappointing battery life. Bright display The screen measures 2. Intuitive navigation The c runs Windows Mobile 6. Impressive connectivity Call quality proved excellent, and the HP excels when it comes to connectivity.


HP iPAQ 914c Business Messenger (Unlocked) Smartphone

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HP iPAQ 914c Business Messenger review

Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. Anyone after a phone offering instant, push email coupled with business-level PIM integration only had one place to go. But nowadays rivals are ten a penny, and every smartphone manufacturer worth its salt has a BlackBerry-style handset in its line-up.

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