BELL Windows-only set of programs for ringing the bell or playing a sound. PATH system variable. Gamma as well as linear scaling. Works with!

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I think of this as a sort of 'tuned' gamma or power-law function. The algorithm, and notion of 'asinh magnitudes', comes fr In particular, given a suitable image this will require judgement on your part , the program will au Each part has the first letter capitalized.

The returned string has the capitalized parts separated by a space. PATH system variable. It is a wrapper to the AXIS command. The whiskers extend out to the maximum or minimum va If differs from BYTSCL only in that a user-specified percentage of pixels can be clipped from the image histogram, prior to scaling. By default, In addition, the window contents can be saved as PostScript files or as raster im Search Results. Revolution IDL Revolution IDL unleashes the power of the IDL Object Graphics architecture by providing a high-level graphical user interface that allows the user to visualize data in a variety of ways, changing properties, positioning objects in 3D, and much more.

This is a program for interactively adjusting the plot position coordinates. Provides a way to display non-printable characters in widget elements. Given X and Y points that describe a closed curve in 2D space, this function returns an output curve that is sampled a specified number of times at approximately equal arc distances.

This is a utility routine to perform an inverse hyperbolic sine function intensity transformation on an image. This function is used to display a binary representation of byte, integer, and long integer values.

The purpose of this routine is to create a system for analyzing regions of interest ROIs or more commonly 'blobs' inside images. Given a string, separates the parts by white space, commas, semi-colons, or colons. Adds a directory to the beginning of the! The purpose of this routine is to allow the user append text to the end of the root name of an absolute file name.

Provides a device-independent and color-model-independent way of drawing an arrow in a specified color. Provides a device-independent and color-model-independent way to draw an axis into a graphics window. Provides a device-independent and color-model-independent way to create a bar plot or to overplot on an existing bar plot. The program is used to obtain the value of a particular bit in an integer number. This alpha blends two bit images and displays them with the cgImage command. This is graphics routine to display a box plot, also known as a box and whisker plot, in IDL direct graphics.

This is a utility routine to position a widget program on the display at an arbitrary location. The purpose of this funciton is to check a string for symbols, encased in escape characters, that should be revolved with cgSymbol. Allows an image or geoTiff file to be clipped or subset to a map projected boundary.


Coyote IDL Program Libraries

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