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Quick Links. May be covered by one or more of the following: U. Patents , , , , , , , ,. Other patents pending. Foreign patents pending. Table of Contents. Patents , , , , , , , , , , , , and Page 2 Also, bundle audio cables separately from the AC power cables. These steps will help insure compliance with the Directive s. For more information about other Rocktron products, please see your local dealer or one of our importers closest to you listed on the enclosed warranty sheet.

Page 3 E. Operating the Intellifex Recalling a stored Intellifex Online preset Changing preset parameters Storing modified parameter values These presets can be easily updated from the "Patch Bay" at Rocktron's web page. In addition, you can also upload your own custom presets to share with other online users. The to the desired preset number you wish to recall.

The display will alternate The PRESET control may then be used to scroll through the successive factory and user presets and titles stored in its memory. Page 7 This will guard against the possibility of overdriving the unit.

Page 8: Rear Panel When using only one input mono , this jack should be used. When using only one input, this jack should not be used. It also outputs MIDI data when performing a memory dump. Note: Inherently in MIDI there is a limit to the number of devices which can be chained together series connected. Page 12 Never connect the outputs of a power amplifier or guitar amplifier to the inputs of the Intellifex Online.

This could damage the Intellifex Online. Note: For best results when using the Intellifex Online with high gain distortion, always put the Intellifex Online after Here you may choose for the direct signal to remain unaltered Pre or feed it through the digital Hush section E of the Intellifex Online Post.

Before being fed to the Hush section, the signal must first be converted from an analog signal to digital via the converter D. Note: Selecting "Post" converts a stereo direct signal to mono. Page 15 "dying out" of the sound. Page 16 This effect is often used on drums particularly snare drums to produce the effect of a much fatter percussive sound.

Note that gating on the Intellifex Online acts on the reverb decay, not on the reverb output as on many other units. Page 17 Delay is simply a reproduction of the input signal, originating at a prescribed time usually expressed in milliseconds, or mS following the input signal.

The Stereo delay type provides two separate delays. This delay type is used for applica- tions requiring two discrete delay lines with individual regeneration loops. The Pan parameter is adjustable from 0 to —where 0 is full left, is full right and 50 is center. Page 19 The process of ducking enables the user to suppress the level of a given signal or effect dynamically, dependent upon the presence of another signal which is desired to be prominent.

Page 20 Pitch Change effects involve splitting the input signal into at least two separate signals, then modifying the pitch of one signal and mixing it back together with the unaltered direct signal. Page 21 Mixer Function parameter list.

This parameter allows you to pan the shifted note to the left or right channel of the Intellifex Online. It is adjustable from 0 to , where 0 is full left, is full right and 50 is center. Page 22 This allows for use of the Pitch parameter with an expression controller such as a volume pedal used with a Rocktron Midi Mate foot controller to change the pitch by remote means and provides smooth pitch change when the controller is used.

Turning the PRESET control while in this mode will step through each preset, displaying each preset's configuration instead of its preset number and title. Note: When the Delay Time for any voice is set to zero, that voice is taken out of the regenera- tion loops. Eight different reverb types are provided, along with up to mS of predelay. The configurations for each are shown in the following diagrams. This will allow for higher regeneration levels if needed. It also allows for a more pure sounding decay of the echo when used with other voices set at long delay times.

This is followed by a Ducking feature for the delayed signals and Reverb. Turn this control to the effect to be modified. Page 40 If a factory preset is altered and you wish to store it, the Intellifex Online will automatically default to a user preset number exactly 80 less than the factory preset number selected when the STORE button is pressed to initiate the store procedure i.

This will only be displayed when storing into a new preset number, and allows you copy the title from the original preset into the new preset also, if desired. Page 43 The Intellifex allows you to select the preset which that be recalled each time the unit is turned on. Page 44 Controller mapping allows for specific Intellifex adjustable parameters to be mapped or assigned to a MIDI controller number for real-time control via a pitch wheel, expression pedal, etc.

Any parameter may be assigned to any controller number, from controller 0 through controller , or OFF. Note The Intellifex allows for the range of any given parameter to be limited when using a MIDI controller to determine the current parameter value. For example, if a given Page 47 Program mapping allows for an Intellifex preset number to be mapped or assigned to a different MIDI program number. The Intellifex is initially programmed at the factory to access to the lower presets i.

Page 50 Any or all of the Intellifex Online user presets may be dumped to a sequencer or another Intellifex Online via system exclusive messages. When dumping a single Intellifex Online preset into another Intellifex Online, the preset being dumped may be loaded into any user preset location on the receiving Intellifex Online.

Any of the user presets may be dumped. The Intellifex Online will display the number of the data string as it is dumped. Data strings are the user presets as described by the preset dump function, while data string 81 is the program mappings. Page 55 12 data bytes. This mes- sage also appears if a knob is turned or a button is pressed during reception. Page Factory Restore This procedure allows you to restore the Intellifex Online memory to its original condition as it was shipped from Rock- tron.

This procedure will permanently erase all user presets and replace them with the factory presets found In presets If you This manual is also suitable for: Intellifex online. Print page 1 Print document 58 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Rocktron INTELLIFEX LTD User Manual

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Rocktron Intellifex On-Line User Manual


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