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I1 Includes9. On The Celebration Of Mild Do Not Despise The Poor On Resisting The InnerseIf Essentiality Of Mujahadah 3. This is solely becauseof the Favours of Allah on us and the prayers of ourmentors. This is the translation of the reformative speeches ofMufti Justice hlawlana Muhammad Taqi Usmani mayAllah prolong his benefits over us. He has been giventhese.

Those who attend theselectures gain much knowledge theoretically andpractically. I, too. These lectures are beingrecorded on audio cassettes and books are publishedsubsequently.

These cassettes and books cater to thosewho understand the Urdu language. We at Darul Ishaat desired that an increased numberof people should benefit from these lectures. Allah helpedus get these books translated into English and publishthem and He also provided us the necessary means. Al-Hamdlil-laah, after six years of continuous effort acomplete set of these books is available to the readers.

Letour readers remember that these books have been 4. We hope that of Allah 31this set of books will be very useful to our readers in Negligence in the matter of the Rights 31 Europe and the United States.

They will gain beneficial Backbiting is a violation of Peoples rights 32 Ihsan is desirable at all times 32knowledge from these books and be prompted to put their That woman shall enter Hell 34knowledge into practice. That woman shall enter Paradise 34 Insha Allah they will find a great change in their 34 Who is a Pauper? The Rights of people are three-fourths of Deen 35 We have published many books in English and The miserable condition of women before Islam 36many more are under preparation.

Do write to us for a full Amicable behaviour with women 36list of these books. May of the entire civilisation 38Allah reward them. Is the woman born of crooked Rib? The women of our society are 65 Nymphs of Paradise 45 Moderate way in spending money The rights of the wives over husbands? Discourses O n Islamic Wa!

The Self is like a suckling child He smiled at the time of death The Self is fond of sins A life of negligence Real peace is in Allahs remembrance Do not be proud of physical health, Allahs promise cannot be false strength and beauty Make your heart worthy of Allah The woman who used to sweep the Why does a mother endure all distress?

On the advice of some of my elders I hold a weekly The present world meeting in Jamia Masjid AlBaitul Mukaram attended by a Seek the pleasure of Allah large number of Muslim brothers and sisters. Rather than When receiving the Kings commands giving a formal lecture, my basic purpose intended to be Almighty Allah will be with them achieved through these meetings is that we get together for The task will become easy some time to review our ways of life in the light of Islamic Only take a step forward teachings and to deliberate what is going to happen to us after Mujahadah is to refrain from b e leave this mundane world.

When the Muslims having true some lawful acts also Why should Mujahadah be Islamic orientation sit together for this purpose, each one of necessary in lawful acts? Allahs pleasure and freedom from fatness Keeping away from enjoyments I this mutual meeting which is meant for self-correction The Frenzy of eating to ones fill I normally read a book of Hadith and explain it to the audience 2 The Mujahadah of sgeaking less! My friend Maulana A Method of Reform Abdulla Memon who regularly attended these meetings 3 Less Sleeping usually prepares the audio cassettes of these addresses which 4 Reduce your contacts with the people are widely circulated in the country and abroad.

He has also The Heart is a Mirror transcribed some of these audio cassettes in an abridged form and after their compilation he has published them in separate Nine volumes ofthis compilations have already come out in Urdu by the graceof Allah which were widely circulated, read and benefitedfrom.

I was reluctant to act Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmaniupon the suggestion because, as told earlier, these addresseswere not formal lectures on a particular subject.

They were infact discussions, on different aspects of our lives, undertakenwith frankness rather than formalism. They some time lack the isequence usually expected from a well considered writing. Urdu language. However, my nephew, Mr. Iqbal For many years now, I have been delivering talks onAnsari and Mr. Rafiq Abdur Rehman to translate these 1 religious subjects in compliance with the advice of my eldersKhutbaat into English.

Both of these gentlemen undertook the every Friday after Asr prayer. I had advised them not to be too strict in literal and there are women too. By the Grace of Allah, I derivetranslation and to render the basic idea in their own style. May Allah cause the series of talkstranslation but had an occasion to have a cursory look on some a means of reformation for all of us.

To the best of my assessment the translation I have My close colleague, Maulana Abdullah Memon, hasseen is correct and conveying. I hope that it will help readers been recording these talks for some time and distributing theto understand the basic theme of these Khutbaat.

May Allah cassettes. I have been told by my friends that these cassettesgrant the best reward to the translators and publisher of this have been much beneficial to the general body of Muslims. I would again The number of cassettes has now exceeded tworemind the readers that it is not a book properly authored by hundred and fifty. Maulana Abdullah Memon has reducedme. It is the compilation of my extempore discussions some of these cassettes to writing and brought them out intherefore, I extend my apology if some readers find the the form of small booklets which are now compiled togethersequence of thoughts somehow disturbed in some places.

I have revised some of the speeches and the Maulana has done a very usehl work by annotating quotations of the Mulzanzmad Taqi Usmani Aliadith in my spezches with proper references to theirsource.

This work has proved very useful. In reading this book. Therefore, they will sense the style of a11 oral dialogue inthese articles. Imust say, however. Do not let the written word please you O r the working o f fate worry you! I h a v e by y o u r m e n l o r y a l o i l e What of the text and what of its meailing May Allah through His Grace and Favour let thesewritings be a ineaiis of our reformation.

May He reuard us11 the compiler andpublisher of these articles. She has thus become bound to pass her lifetime with a stranger, in a strange liouse and a strange environment. Will you not take notice of all this sacri- fice on the part of that girl who is now your wife and at your exclusive disposal?

How would you have felt if the matter had been the reverse: if, after the marriage. What a trying predica- ment it would have been for you! So have regard for this sacrifice of her and behave But turn not altogether away from one , leaving her in suspense, If you do good and be righteous, then surely Allah is ever For- giving, Merciful.

We praise Him and seek l f ready mentioned repeatedly that "the Rights of the servants are a very important branch of religion. Its importance lies in the fact that "the Rights of Allah" may be pardoned by re- pentance. If God forbid-some negligence ever occlrrs in the His help and His forgiveness and we believe in matter of Allahs rights, it is very easy to remedy this negli- Him and rely on Him.

We seek refuge with gence by means of repentance and seeking Allahs pardon Him from the mischief of our selves and the with a feelings of remorse and regret. The negligence can vices of our deeds.


Islahi Khutbat - Discourses On Islamic Way Of Life

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