I cleared SCJP 6. I did manage to do some 25 days of preparation serious preparation , but my coding experience in Java helped me a lot- In understanding the basic concepts easily and giving more time to learn the less used concepts like Generics, Collections, Threading. Through out my preparation and after appearing for the exam there are few things I wanted to share with the aspirants:. These are few things which I wanted to share. Will keep updating as and when I come across any tips. Categories: Java.

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Plz can you please send latest dumps to anu. Thank you. I dont think so they ever send the Dump. Lat time I was allowed to download the doc.

But it is password Protected. I am writing scjp 1. Hi guys I am planning to write scjp , so can any one send the latest dumps , July this is my mail I'd srividhyat88 gmail. Can someone please send me SCJP 1. Hi, Can you please send me ocjp 1. Thanks in advance, Arushi. Kindly mail me the dumps for 1. I am planning to give next week. Thanks Aastha. I am planning to take exam by the end of this month, please send me the ocjp 1. Hi guys, i am planning to take ocjpj 1.

Choose all that apply. Adding Hans C. Adding Jane E. Total: 5 B. Adding Lotte D. Total: 3 F. The code does not compile. An exception is thrown at runtime. So this doesn't compile. Pop Quiz: What would happen if you fixed this code, changing add Object to add Person? Try running the code to see if the results match what you thought. Related Questions:: 1. Scjp Ocjp dumps Question no 1. Scjp Ocjp Dumps : Question no. Labels: collections , dumps , ocjp , ocjp 1.

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For more SCJP 1. Cannot make a static reference to the non-static method add int, int from the type A. The short s is autoboxed correctly, but the add method cannot be invoked from a static method because add method is not static. Global and static variable need not be initialized before use. Default value of global and static int variable is zero. Default value of boolean variable is false.


Preparation tips for SCJP- Sun Certified Java Programmer Exam

Hi, I will be taking up the Oracle 1. Could you please mail me the latest dumps to sureshnalgonda gmail. Thanks in advance! Could you please send me 1. PLease and thank you! Could you mail the latest dumps to santoshks gmail.


SCJP 1.6 – Dump

Version : By Carlos - Brazil. Questions : 9 Exams from A - I. See the comments on its page for more infos. Changes made from original file: - Removed duplicated questions. Exam D.


Plz can you please send latest dumps to anu. Thank you. I dont think so they ever send the Dump. Lat time I was allowed to download the doc.

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