If you like the SSOA-material and you appreciate my work I always enjoy receiving an email from the few people who are actually into this material. In february I started a section to explore the ascension phenomenon even for people who are critical to some aspects of the SSOA. On this particular page you can also find out more about the way the material presented by the 'spiritual school of ascension' is studied. If you see a page with this background you immediately know that it only contains Karen Danrich material. If you don't resonate with her information you can use this background cue as a sign to turn to another page. Another reason for introducing this page lies in the possibility to explain a certain number of ideas which return regularly across her material.

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The Dancing Butterflies 2. The Hum of the Bees 3. The Busy Ants 4. The Iridescent Dragonfly 5. The Web of the Cane Spider 6. The Croak of the Large Green Frog 7. Bats in the Belfry 8. The Finches Chirping in the Palm Tree 9. The Field Mouse. The Chirp of the Geko. From the Ancient Redwood Trees.

From the Pine Trees. From the Fruit Bearing Trees. Dancing Upon the Wings of Eagles 2. Horse Power 3. The Hoot of the Owl 4. The Bear News 5.

Chasing the Tiger's Tail 6. Two Crows Dancing in the Wind 7. The Return of the White Elephant. The Walk of a Penguin The Wooly Mammoth Speaks The Grunt of a Feral Pig The Leap of the Antelope The Black and White Stripes of the Zebra The White Fur of a Polar Bear The Blue Heron The Water Buffalo Speaks The Grazing Herd of Wapiti or Elk The Smell of a Skunk From the Heart of the Hippopotamus. The Symptoms of Ascension Discusses the body changes to humans and other species and earth itself during ascension.

Supporting the Human Form in Ascension Tips and suggestions for looking after an ascending body. The Power of Your Intent Become the commander of your own reality. The History of the Human Dream How the human race came to be, and came to be in the state we are in. A Stand For Truth. A Call for World Peace. A Stand for Unity. Discovering the God Goddess Within. A Stand for Honor.

Living in Joy. Given that this is our purpose, we perhaps far more than the human species, began to understand the complex and difficult history of Earth.

We are also releasing all historical records of Earth now in our ascension so that all other species upon Earth may release their related karma and transcend the thought-form of cause of their experience. The Holographic Record Keepers. The Dance of the Beloved.

Mastering the Breath of Life. Living Truth - Becoming the Creator. Entering an Internal State of Peace. The tones are equivalent to the tones or vibrations of creation.

The Language of Light is based on unity consciousness where there are no destructive thoughtforms. As you embody all glyphs of the Language of Light, you transcend all destructive patterns on all planes of reality: conscious, subconscious and unconscious. About The Language of Light.

The Ten Octaves of Love. The Language of Light Single Tones Building a Synthesis Altar. These short messages draw attention to the small critters that cross our paths as ascending initiates. Painting on Silk by Judith Roderick. Messages from the Dolphins and Whales The Field Mouse Channeled information from the nature of the plant and tree kingdoms in support of human evolution.

It is the greatest hope of the plant and tree kingdoms that humans master peace, unity, honor and love in the dance of life.

From the Ancient Redwood Trees 2. From the Pine Trees 3. Painting on Silk by Judith Roderick 1. The Return of the Winged Lion and Dragon 9. The Flap of the Beaver's Tail Seeing Through the Eyes of A Hawk The Sly Fox The Spotted Giraffe The Wolf that Howls at the Moon The Laugh of the Kookaburra The Gentleness of a Rabbit The Dance of the Underwater Worlds The Flight of the Manta Ray The Shark's Tooth The Walrus Tusk The Love of a Seal.

Ascension and Manifestation Learn to balance giving and receiving to manifest your dreams. It is human nature to attempt to change perceived problems upon Earth through uprisings, war, demonstrations, by becoming an advocate for this or that. This is not what we ask, for such thought-form does not serve. Such thought-form only causes animosity and hatred between humans of different beliefs, and this is the root of warfare in the human dance.

Instead, we ask that each human take responsibility for oneself and choose to ascend, choose to evolve, choose to alter their thought-form and biology. It is in the choice to ascend that the atrocities of the past and the distorted human dance in the present shall be resolved. Dolphins and whales are designed to be holographic record keepers for any consensus reality in which we exist.

The Language of Light Glyphs are constructed on concepts that are reflected in shape, color and tone. New Global Dreamtime Launched. Retaining One's Health in Ascension.


Study Section for the SSoA

So glad you decided to drop by this website. Whether you are a newbie to Ascension or already firmly on the path you are welcome here. I want to introduce myself quickly and tell you a little bit about the Ascension Rising site and how it came to be. Karen was an Ascension Master in Lemuria. Let me explain. Think of Roger Bannister.


Ascension Transmissions Embodying Seven Laws by Karen Danrich


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