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If he would disembody soon, what would the companions do - 11 employees and myself, editor — in front of the harsh challenge of maintaining a publishing house in operation with just over 20 titles in catalogue?

Do the spirits would betray for the first time, his trust, he thought, handing in his hands a great source that generates distress or unease, when crossing to the other side of life?

By the Editor's own words, it appears that the prime objective was not to disseminate the Spiritist Doctrine, but the maintenance of a publisher. This book seems to have the purpose of frighten people that knowing little or nothing of works of Allan Kardec, Chico Xavier, Yvonne, Divaldo Pereira Franco and Jose Raul, accept certain "revelations". In the book "Liberation", Andre Luiz, in 60 pages, describes how spirits turned to evil work, how they organize themselves in a dark region, without detailed explanations on power of Evil, through intimidated descriptions, capable of causing creation of negative mental frames in readers.

The book "Legion" has over pages of morbid descriptions and even novelistic. In this novel that we are analysing there is a distancing of the Gospel. We know that there are many disembodied spirits that, although seek the good, they it do by own methods and independently, and join the lines of work where umbanda practice are experienced, Occultists, Orientals and others.

Similarly, and even that they seek for the work of Good, several spiritual communities are not organized under the aegis of Jesus, where principles of obedience are observed, discipline and strict observance of ethical values contained in the Gospel, in actions practiced in the most perfect line with the Doctrine that had been revealed by Allan Kardec.

In the book "The Path of Light" cap. Consider the presentation of a spirit that would have the status of supervisor:. It is not enough to have accumulated experience as a slave or know some witchcraft and then manifest you around, making blessing. Our work is much broader, and our preparation, more complex. In order to perform well the functions that we embrace, we must specialize ourselves in different areas of occultist knowledge.

We must know the details of the geography of stars. In the novel under review you will read as follows: "Do not give attention to these beings.

They are vampires, who try to overcome resistance from guards to steal the survivor energy sic from the ether bodies in dissolution. Do these "bodies ethereality" conserve energy?

And if they were in dissolution, why would be necessary guards to protect them? How many guards would be needed to take care of the corpses in decomposition, until the process reaches the end? Andre Luiz, in the cited novel says, that Dimas, the newly disembodied, was next to the Benefactor as he eliminated energy of the body.

Which body that would be? Where can we base such affirmative on Kardec? Through a hypnotic induction and a miserable association of ideas, some mediums, from that time, leave their animist part speak louder and report incredible things about the guardians. After the meeting, the obsessor was released, like a needed spirit, free to return to his activities, and the guardian, who is partner of activities of good, is confused with evil spirits.

There is a clear accusation that the mediumistic spiritual meetings are not able to identify Exus. And what does it mean, "the Spirit that should be rescue is released, as he was a sufferer? Accuses spiritist centres to release persecutors and retain "guides. Rescued by whom? The spiritists seem to have created a movement so full of prejudices that are hardly interested in anything about us, not tacking us as obssesors and accuse medium of anti indoctrination, as is your habit. The attack to Spiritism continues The real Christians do not create Hell, but theologians.

To our disappointment, many sensitive, who dishonour the real work of these guardians, represent them, at the time of incorporation, using bad words, grotesque and evil attitudes, neglecting the unique opportunity to battle for the balance of feeling and emotions, techniques that they dominate as anyone in the inferior astral. This frivolous and unfortunate complaint, where the author tries to allocate to spiritists mediums the use of bad words and bad attitudes, when incorporating the so-called pombajiras or bombojiras.

In the spiritual world revealed in the spiritists novels there is not such discrimination, including the nomenclature, between male and female workers. This is a practice of umbanda, which the author attempts to characterize as the Spiritism.

They use the cavernicola as transmitters or vectors of ethers microorganisms, many of which are completely unknown to man. Due to intense and constant contact that they promote with the energetic field of bewitched, the transfer takes place, the jump to material field. Being viruses, bacteria or microbial communities typical from the inferior astral world, the fact is that they materialize by interference of inferior witchcraft, causing various diseases that are hardly diagnosed by medical world.

In another excerpt of the novel the author intends to create negative frames in the mind of the reader. By any chance viruses and bacteria would be responsible for negative attitudes of those that are infected? Until now, we know that the vaccine against evil is the practice of the virtues taught by Jesus.

It's always the emphasis on evil. Moreover, what does mean "low witchcraft"? There will be a "high one"? Here as well, the use of words of the witchery environment, of occultism, without a practical or edifying objective. This is novelty only for people uniformed of Spiritism, or lovers of fiction. When the body dies, the double survives for a maximum period of 40 days, moment when it is decomposed and its energy is dispersed in atmosphere.

We can ask, in which book is this rule is recorded? They are false and very coarse statements, that almost do not deserve comment, but the question arises: if the " ethereality body " will be decomposed, why bother with it? Moreover, when the author says that "would inevitably be taken by spirits vampires " is referring to someone who has life itself and that is living Andre Luiz, in his book "In the fields of mediumship", cap.

It is very different from this " ethereality body " reported in "Legion", which seems to have its own life and could be taken by spirits vampires. We saw how the energy field first swelled, as a bubble, under the influence of superior emissions, and then it burst, in a devastating smash. The energy released was only contained because of the power of guardians and experts under the command of Jamar.

The passage above refers to the destruction of a field of force that would have been prepared by disembodied scientists, turned to evil. Then, he says "they should protect the double of fluidic atmosphere of the environment, which would be more exposed, fearing that they could contaminate the vital bodies packed there sic and they could poison the energy reserves, causing direct effect on the physical bodies that were associated to them.

It can be seen that the author wants to say again that the ethereality bodies were separated from the vital bodies and those separated from physical bodies.

Therefore would they be embodied spirits, freed for a few hours form sleep? In all cases of unfolding, there are always references to the spiritual body, or perispirit. In this book, it is clear that the purpose of confusing and frighten, so they can this way, dominate incautious people. His aim is to confuse and, in the limit, terminate the image of Jesus of Nazareth, the historical character, which would be lost in the midst of many fallacies, one after another.

The theory concerning the modification of memory and the implantation of new concepts and data in the mind of individual also exists, but is dependent on how they consolidate that kind of criminal action because of the obvious ethical dilemma. For who is the Dilemma? This sets a new methodology of action of these beings of darkness, a more sophisticated form of obsession that defies the modern disciples of the Lamb to update them too.

The darkness has long been working with new rules and tactics to accomplish their projects between embodied human, and what about the defenders of the good? Talking with another spirit, the author sees an animal that seemed to be a huge black dragon The animal of astral ambient had a span of about 8 meters. Long and naked Neck, black and wrinkled skin, that would do the role of feather that it lacked, with fins of large proportions.

Everything indicated that the bizarre being was left behind in a hasty escape. It was devitalised. Perhaps we should help this creature of the profound to restore itself- Jamar said. A prehistoric bird, then freed itself from the pond umbralino, tested a beating of wings and then broke the dense clouds, as if it was the easiest thing in the world, hovering in a reasonable altitude. Possibly it had been shot during a possible fight. Its picture reminds fossils of the early evolution of the earth.

It is very crude and rough, as if it had been a direct archaeological expedition. For how long they have been there? They are mental creations of magicians, who, through their mental strength, sustain such images: that is the secret of they lasting for centuries and millennia in the astral recondite.

As the master of evil does not have the capacity to develop superior forms, and still have in these animals the association with their distant past, we contemplate here the live fruit of his consistent and persistent thought.

They are mental creations or the called artificial elements, which survived the event of magic. They seek to remain alive feeding themselves from astral matter and mental soot found in this sinister office.

Small mental forms corresponding to lizards came and went, running without direction, next to what remains of buildings. Do these wizards have the power to create beings with life themselves, which, as we have seen, need to be rescued and restored and, as said, to be "used by the shadows as a means of transport?

In fact, there are thought-forms that can even be seen, as reported in the book "In the Fields of Mediumship" by Andre Luiz Chapter Here there are two examples of "thought-forms" which are only mental projections, and not creatures endowed with life themselves, which could be used by inferior spirits. Finally, it would be necessary to write another book to comment all negative points of this book. There are quotes from Kardec, always adapted to the "revelations" that the author or spiritual authors intend to do.

There is not a single page that can be described as spiritist. Take, as a final example, the following:. Nevertheless, by engaging in psychological research, the most dedicated researchers noted that other methodology has being employed by the shadows. Appeared the first observation on complex obsessions, requiring new approach, beyond the established technique of fraternal conversation or indoctrination. Among many tools found to establish the framework obsessive, it was found then, although the reluctance to admit the fact, the existence of artificial beings created in laboratories of the astral underworld.

Along with household pests, chips implant, projection of magnetic fields of force and continuous action, such items end up causing disharmony in the cells of the physical embodied, even causing cancer.

Above all, they are obsessive processes that are fleeing the traditional definition. As you can see, it is stated that "dedicated technical of fraternal conversation or indoctrination" has been overcome, but there is no indication on what would replace it. Say, in passing, is not seen in the book, any sentence in which love is offered as therapy, as seen in books of Chico and other mediums cited. There are only negative citations and fear, such as: " Underestimating knowledge and cleverness of the reader, and becoming a fiction, the author states: " For decades, in certain mediumistic meetings, some members suspected or detected the presence of different beings, with emotions, completely devoid of feelings.

However, they could not express their perceptions without being confused with fertile imagination and fancy, or have them framed in the effect of pure animism.


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