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Dt Sheet. Designed for high-density PC board mounting, its small size and low coil power dissipation make the relay one of the most versatile ultraminiature relays available.

The following unique construction features and manufacturing techniques provide excellent resistance to environmental extremes and overall high reliability. The Series D and DD relays have internal discrete silicon diodes for coil suppression and polarity reversal protection.

The hybrid T relay has an internal silicon suppression diode and a transistor driver. This hybrid package reduces required PC board floor space by reducing the number of external components needed to drive the relay. By virtue of its inherently low intercontact capacitance and contact circuit losses, the relay has shown its worth as an RF switch for frequency ranges well into the UHF spectrum see Figure 1.

In addition, the sensitive Series relay has a high resistance coil, thus requiring extremely low operating power milliwatts, typical at room temperature. The advantages of reduced heat dissipation and power supply demands are a plus.

Contact Bounce 1. Intercontact Capacitance 0. Vdc D, DD, T min. Base Turn Off Voltage Vdc 0. Drop-out Voltage Vdc Min. No on-going verification tests are performed. Unless otherwise specified, parameters are initial values. For reference only. Coil resistance not directly measurable at relay terminals due to internal series semiconductor. Unless otherwise specified, relays will be supplied with either gold-plated or solder-coated leads.

The slash and characters appearing after the slash are not marked on the relay. Limit Base Emitter current to 15 mAdc. Applicable to all coil voltages. See Base current to turn on. Contact factory. Logic 0 de-activates the relay.

Spacer pad material: Polyester lm. Dimensions are in inches mm. Add 10 m to the contact resistance show in the datasheet. Add 0. H Max. Spreader pad material: Diallyl Phthalate.

Add 25 m to the contact resistance shown in the datasheet. Add 50 m to the contact resistance shown in the datasheet. M3 pad to be used only when the relay has a center pin e.

Terminal views shown 2. Dimensions are in inches mm 3. Ground pin positions are within. Ground pin head dia. Lead dia. Open as PDF.


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TE Connectivity JMGSPD-26P




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