Note that this script is not well supported on ASP and may only work on linux. Skadate is a premium script, which requires a license to be obtained from skadate. Before installing, you need to create a MySQL database and user. You can do this through the file manager located in your cPanel , or using a third party application such as FileZilla. Once it is uploaded, extract the zip within the same folder. That will bring up the web installer:.

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Open the phpinfo file in browser: www. Go to the folder containing the package archive using a cd command. Use the following command to unpack the archive: tar-xzf package-name. Create a database user. Add the user to the database. Give all privileges to the user. Type www. Usually the installation script automatically detects them, so you should simply click Next. Al rights reserved. Click "Next". Click "Finish". As soon as you complete the installation you should set this file permissions back to If you are not automatically directed to the Index page of the website you've just installed, simply remove the word install from the site URL.

Cron Jobs setup via SSH. The Insert message will disappear. Type: wq - this command rewrites the Cron document and closes it.

Don't exit SSH if you want to check whether Cron has been set up correctly. Click Enter. If there are no errors, and the following line appears [root server cron] the Cron Jobs have been set up properly.

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Jump to Page. Search inside document. Al rights reserved database server: - Host Name - host address, in most cases it is "localhost" - Username - name of the database user - Password - password for the database user - Database Name - name of the database -Prefix - prefix for the names of SkaDate software tables.

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Version 9 Manuals Installation Update Upgrade SkaDate 9 Installation Guide for Webmasters

All rights reserved. SkaDate 9 Installation Guide for Godaddy hosting. Login to your server via FTP. Sometimes the login attempt may fail.


All kind of manuals

What to do? Direct URL : www. Absense of payment information, in turn, means that communication between your website and your gateway is either broken or has not been established at all. As a result user doesn't get purchased service automaitcally. Using correct site URL is very important. If you are not sure what your site URL is make sure to check this within the source code:. This is your site URL.


Skadate 9 Update Manual for Webmasters

You should find out the current version of Skadate software installed on the site. If the mobile version is installed, upload the mobile packages SkadateMe tar. You should backup the software before updating it. Unpack all packages. Run these commands: tar -xzf [filename. Move the packages to the upper level.


SkaDate 9 Custom Template Creation Manual

The new directory may contain the following subdirectories: "canvas", "components", "httpdocs", "img", "plugins". The "canvas" directory contains subdirectories with the following files: "footer. The "components" directory may consist of subdirectories with the files of the component's page proofs and its styles. The Httpdocs directory contains the components forming the core of the page. The "img" directory contains pictures used in the active template. If you don't change the pictures in this directory, the picture of the standard template will be applied automatically. The "new template" directory should also contain the following files: index.

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