Radimo audio, video te 3D animacije. Bavim se i dizajnom web stranica. The product we wanted to market was not a standard one and promoting it was a challenge required understanding of some complex business processes. We were very pleased with the results.

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Audio, Multimedia, Video. Knjiga posle posla - Beletristika i ostala izdanja. Visual Basic. U pretplati. Predlog za prevod. Ceo tekst. Scripty: Easily Organize npm Scripts into Separate Files Provides a way to structure your own npm scripts on the file system. This project shows it in action via an Express app. New Relic, but built for Node. See how your app spends its time database, cache, external http requests , where it needs optimizing, and who wrote the slow code.

Deploying Resilient Node. How Node. Massive 2. We mentioned this a year ago but it continues to be improved. Learn how you can protect yourself from known vulnerabilities by blacklisting dangerous modules. Treat it as the UX expert on your bookshelf that you can read from cover-to-cover, or to dip into as the need arises, regardless of whether you have 'UX' in your job title or not. Category: UX Design This extended category features quality articles on usability, user experience UX design and information architecture.

The section contains practical articles and case studies written by professionals and experts in the field. Curated by Francisco Inchauste.

Subscribe to the RSS-Feed. You can beta test this feature immediately. In fact, if you are the maintainer of a popular package, we encourage you to do it as soon as possible. If you can find them, you might just score yourself a cool Scotland-themed sticker, so say hello! If you or your team is building something cool with npm, we want to help promote it far and wide. Have some thoughts?

Let us know! This version includes a couple of new features, a fix to SET, a handful of dependency bumps, and a few updates to documentation.

For all of the specifics on v6. To stay up to date on v6. Fotografija sa visine o 4 kilometara. Moonfruit makes it easy for you to set up your business, project or passion online and share it with like-minded people. Jednom kreiran, postoje dostupan na svim platformama.

Potpuna kontrola dizajna sajta. Lako kreiranje prodavnice. Kreiranje bloga. Kako da dobijete posetioce sajta. Ovim alatom je kreirano preko 5. RegistrovanjeRegistrujte se.

Dofajte sajtIzaberiteIzabrali smo Urban Life. Izaberite ime i nayiv sajta. A BT s druge strane. Moj OCD divlja. RSS izvori se mogu prikazivati veoma jednostavno, potrebno je dodati samo par linija koda. Izvor: Softpedia. Posetite nas na Sajmu knjiga u Beogradu od Posetite nas na Sajmu knjiga od NET Core 1. Ako vas zanima Web dizajn, ova knjiga je idealna za vas.

Smashing Magazine je garant proverenih informacija. To se i dogodilo. Sve knjige su bile dragocene. Ethanova knjiga me je naterala. Ja sam bio jedan od njih! U Mule-u imamo dva projekta koji su stvarno dobri kandidati za responsive design. Performance update 2: Electric Boogaloo Another performance update from Vox that shows some of the improvements they've been making over time to their sites. The graph looks very familiar.

Visual media queries make it painless to define breakpoints, and the new Device Preview feature lets you preview and inspect your responsive websites on actual devices.

Learn more and get your free trial now! If you miss the responsive day out closing keynote then I've got some good news. Aaron Gustafson has written it out in shorter form in this article that provides you with some actionable next steps now that you're done with your responsive redesign. Content blockers, bad ads, and what we're doing about it A great article looking at how to deal with ads and performance, but also looking at what the new adblocking iOS 9 means for mobile consumed sites.

The state of responsive images in This is a great roundup on responsive images. It covers all the stuff that Jason does in his 10 part series just not in as much detail. If you haven't read it, or find the specs difficult to read, then check out this article. This article looks at opportunities we have to ensure those spaces are being used.

In the final edition Jason looks at compatibility, picturefill and automating your image processing. Getting Responsive Tables to Behave A look at how to control your data tables in a multi-viewport world. I've not purchase any so I can't comment on their ease, but they look pretty sweet.

We talk about a conference PPK is co-organising, the state of the mobile device browsers, and perhaps decide that the web needs to creep along rather than streak ahead of come to a standstill.

I thoroughly enjoyed this chat and I'm sure you will too.


Dobro došli u ILI NET

Korpa 0 0. It will help with starting small and medium HTML and CSS projects, such as customising your blog or making your own website, and give practical examples of techniques that will aid you. Additionally you will be taken through the steps of adding images and video to your website, along with a troubleshooting guide for any problems that crop up. This book also covers JavaScript, which is vital if you want your website to do more than simply display information, such as membership login or feedback forms. JavaScript will enable you to generally provide more dynamic interaction with the user. Of course, you can use web editors and pre-written programs to do the job for you, but by learning some key coding skills, you will find you can create websites that truly have the edge on your competitors. With easy-to-follow information, screenshots and helpful step-by-steps, this guide will take your web design to a new level!



Audio, Multimedia, Video. Knjiga posle posla - Beletristika i ostala izdanja. Visual Basic. U pretplati. Predlog za prevod. Ceo tekst. Scripty: Easily Organize npm Scripts into Separate Files Provides a way to structure your own npm scripts on the file system.


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